30 September, 2011

FoW AAR 45: The Longest Day

(above) Adam's G Panzer Grenadiers on the advance, Fighting Withdrawal

A few of us had Monday off, so we decided, what the hell, lets get in a game at Brett's Basement of Doom. We figured we'd have enough time to get in a set of games, but it turns out it was "The Longest Day" with some rules queries, and so on, plus we got to see the end of a Fighting Withdrawal game. We went 8 full turns, even though it ends turn 8.. learning experience! Also, I was painting my Tiger II while they played, and it turns out i was 2/3rds finished when I realized I was doing it all wrong. Luckily I keep all my models in my army case, so I simply started on a different hull.

Adam's Puma's and infantry would stare down a FSJ unit in a trench line all game. I think Adam now knows that shooting vet inf. in Bulletproof cover is futile.

(above) while this would appear to be some PzIV's showing up from reserves, they are actually BEHIND Brett's units. Adam had a very mobile CO and PzIV, and not-so-mobile Brummbars who couldnt pass a Storm move to save their lives, and his second unit of infantry got pinned turn 1 by Neb's, and didn't unpin until turn 8!

(above) some Marders burn in a forest while dug in FSJ look on. They would end up getting completely surrounded, but luckily, the last objective was roughly 2 feet away, so they did their job which was delay units.

We ended up with a rules question for everyone: A tank platoon does an assault, forcing the unit to break off. The rules for "Breakthrough" say they can assault "another platoon" but can they assault the same platoon? We were getting a little fuzzy at the end, we just figured they probably couldn't.

Anyhow, Enjoy the video, it is roughly twice as long as normal given that we didn't have to worry about time or how late it was at night etc.

25 September, 2011

AAR 44, 21 Panzer vs FallSchirmJager +Rob's Canadians

(Above) Rob aka RKelly and Adam aka Clockwerks go toe to toe: Gepanzertes vs Canadians

Friday Night Fights, at Rob's place again on his gorgeous tables. Pripyat and I played on the Afghanistan/Italy table (video below) while I took some snapshots of their game. Rob has been toiling away at his Canadians, so I just had to post pics.

22 September, 2011

AAR 41-42-43 Quickshots

(above) Brent looking on as the vaunted Red Army Tankovy's start to go up in smoke...
..thanks to Tristan (Ca$H) Tigers, as he rocks the black gamer shirt look!

So last week, another 3 games got played, and I took some videos and some pics. Video at the end. I have bought a tripod, to hopefully address the "Shakey Cam" syndrome several have mentioned to me. We'll see how the vids turn out, assuming I remember to pack the tripod that is!

Enjoy pics & Vid.

17 September, 2011

Friday Night Fights AAR 40

(above) Desert Table, we rolled up Cauldron, with Lothlann defending with his 2. SS 'Das Reich' vs my 21. Panzerdivision.

Jeez, has it really been FORTY Flames of War Videos? If I add the old 40k ones I think we are up to 120 video battle reports.

Anyways, another Friday Night Fights, at Brett's (Pripyat's) Basement of Doom, and I square off vs Lothlann's SS. In a first for me, I am sticking with the same list over and over, in the hopes that it improves my game. I also hope that 1 of my 2 unpainted units "shine" to help me decide what to paint next.. Tiger II or 2nd unit of GPGrenadiers..

A first.. I will try and put up lists

HQ GPGren's with Fausts
2 full units of GPGrens, with Fausts and AT gun halftrack upgrade
3 PanzerWerfers with extra crew
3 L37 15cm Howitzers with command halftrack upgrade
2 x FlaK36's ('88) with extra crew
PanzerVIB, not Panzer VII as Ca$h thinks during the video!! aka TigerII, aka KingTiger.

2. SS Das Reich
Grenadier command, with Schreck's combat attached to..
2 Grenadier units
3 Pak 40's, one each attached to Grenadiers, one Kampfgrupped to make even-number of platoons for reserves
2 x Jagdpanthers
4 x 10.5 Artillery

14 September, 2011

Stützpunked! (and other finished models...)

Schwerepunked, Stützpunked or what-the-punkt?  Pak40 nests to the rescue!  Made with MDF, pink insulation foam, textured gel, procreate and spare crew.  Magnetized so I can use 38s or 40s...
Three times hidden snipers or easy kills for the opponent?  Will find out Friday....
Close ups, new objective marker, mortars, turret after the break...

PanzerWerfers on SOMUA halftracks, 21 Panzerdivision - style

Historical pic of one.

Last game, the Panzerwerfers came up big, bagging 2 halftracks, 3 infantry units and a PzIVH kill! They were basically the only unit to shine, so I finished them off, as well as the CO and 2IC halftracks you see here. I elected to paint the BalkenKreuzes on the hood to differentiate from the regular halftracks.(below)

11 September, 2011

German Half Tracks

I really had to wrestle with getting down to painting today. Knowing that it was one of the last warm days of summer, I wanted to spend my Sunday outside but I was already 2 days behind on my fairly unforgiving painting schedule.

So instead I set up the table out on the front balcony and went to work. I managed to finish off

the rest of my half tracks belonging to the Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers that I painted up earlier in the week.

I'm not completely happy with how they turned out. The varnishing process ended up highlighting the drybrushing more than I wanted it to and in a perfect world I'd like the camo effect to look more like what Ca$h did in his post, but that would have required an airbrush which I don't have at
the moment. So all told it worked out fine and they'll look decent enough on the table.

I opted for a darker look, painting them the German Armour Dunkleghelb from the FoW paint line and then giving them a decent wash with Gryphonne Sepia from the GW range to highlight the panel lines and bring in some relief on the detail. I then went over some of those lines again with a felt tip pen, I used Germain Feildgray from Vallejo and some Flat Brown for the other camo colour. I enjoyed the red hue to the Vallejo Flat Brown so opted for that instead
of any other kind of brown. I went over the tracks and wheels with black and then highlighted the tracks with Boltgun Metal from GW and then muddied them with a basic brown (Khaki I think). I did the detail work and then drubrushed the entire model with English Uniform to bring up some more detail.

Next week I get to do it all over again as I'll be painting another platoon of Gepanzerte
Panzergrenadiers and the accompanying half tracks.

10 September, 2011


Finally got a couple of my "Big Cats" painted up:

I am still learning to use my airbrush, but the results are getting better as time goes by. Any/all feedback and criticism is welcome.


Puma's do WHAT?! FoW AAR 39

So, another Friday Night Fights, at Brett's "Basement of Doom" where I play my 21 Panzer's vs Clockwerks' Gepanzerte's. His order of 3 x Puma's didn;t show up so he had to proxy 3 Morris Quads from his Desert Rats army.

This became a typical phrase on our game: "Wait, Puma's do what?!" (make 6+ saves vs Howitzer fire all night long)

Note last 5 minutes is our general after-action banter and discussion.

08 September, 2011

Lorraine 37L w/ 15cm Howitzers

So, as last week's post stated, this unit rocked vs that Soviet force, single-handedly wiping out/routing a ten-strong unit of T-34's then breaking the back of a depleted infantry unit as it charged my Panzer Grenadiers.. Therefore they earned themselves a good paint job at the top of the painting pile. Here is the entire battery plus 37L objective marker, which was my test model as well.

More pics and text...

05 September, 2011

WIP: Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie

Well October 16th is fast approaching which means that most of us are furiously painting what minis we need to before the tournament.

Because I opted to make an entirely new Late War German army rather than update my Mid-War British, I've got a lot of painting to do! So

I've mapped out a daily painting schedule which

will have my entire army list and objectives painted with a few days to spare before the tournament.

I've got a lot of vehicles because I went with the motor company in the Fortress Europe book for the Germans, so everything gets halftracks. In my list I have 11 halftracks
between the command platoon and the two Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers platoons that I took as my compulsory choices.

I also opted to take a full group of 5 Panzer IV H, from my buddy Dennis on the understanding I'll replace them and I've rounded out the list with 3 Brummbars and 3 Puma scout cars to harry flanks and artillery lines.

More after the break.

03 September, 2011

SPATs and Current State of My LW FSJ

Well, with a tournament coming up in a month and a half its time to start sorting out lists.  I am looking at taking my Fallschirmjäger and I need to get it up to LW speed.  Recently added 3 FSJ Marder IIs, 2 more Marder III Ms to get them up to 4, 3 Nebs w/ Cmd, Observer and 2 Panzershreks.  Since my MW FSJs are pioneers I need to still paint up regular jägers and some mortars and maybe some HMGs.


For the Motherland: Soviet Reinforcements!

Got some new models painted up.  Have 3 more IS-2s to do if I have the desire to run the Guards Heavy List.  After that some T-70s, Su-85s and maybe some Heavy Assault Guns.  Su-100s or ISU-122s?

Guards Heavy HQ (Does the Su-57 driver look scared?)
 More pics...

Friday Night Fights AAR 38

Brent, aka Tickron, decided to give this thing we call Flames of War a try after playing a tonne of World of Tanks as Russians. Brett aka Pripyat, helps him out vs my 21 Panzer list from the previous post. Here is his first tank, a Zvezda plastic T-26. The color scheme is good, I like the weathering effect of it.. just needs red stars

They ran:
10 T34s, half were '85mm guns
Full Strelkovy (Confident Trained)
Slightly smaller Strelkovy (CT)
ZiS-3 battery
5 T-70s

I had:
Command Panzerfausts in halftracks
2 units of full Gepanzertes in Halftracks, with Panzerfaust and 2.7 cm gun upgrades
3 Lorraine L37 15cm Howitzers plus halftrack upgrade
3 Panzerwerfers with Extra Crew
2 '88 Guns with extra crew
Panzer VIB aka KingTiger

Pics and Video after the break.  Klick Herr

01 September, 2011

Flammen auf Mittagsmahlzeit (Flames of Lunch)

(the above is for inspirational music as you read the post.. something German for you guys..

Ive been busy with Flames of lunch the last few weeks.. Ill let the pics do the talking

A "small" diversion...

 BATTLTECH! This was my first miniature game. As I mentioned in my last post, Battletech holds a dear place in my hobby heart. I remember do...