21 February, 2010

Drunken Gamers Painting Challenge

In a recent conversation with Matt Varnish, we decided on a workable painting challenge concept and we're gonna do it (and challenge Lotlann, CA$H, and Joyous_Oblivion to join in). Here's how it works:
- Pick a chunk of points to paint in multiples of a hundred (i.e. 100 points, 200 points, 300 points... you get the idea)
- For each 100 points, you get a week. So if you decide to paint 100 points, you have a week to get it done. If you choose 300, that's three weeks, etc.
- Painting includes basing. Do a complete model, you lazy twits!
- You can choose to paint stuff that's already half-painted in order to get it done; no need to start from bare metal/plastic. The point is to get stuff finished that you want finished, not to add extra work.
- If you get your chosen amount finished on schedule, then you have some great painted models!
- If you don't get your chosen amount finished on schedule, you must undergo The Punishment™, which involves buying a $25 gift certificate for a random name on the DG contributors' list (a D6 works fine, with a re-roll on a 1) within 48 hours of the completion date that you failed to meet. The condition of accepting the certificate, however, is that the recipient must paint whatever it buys on the same schedule, i.e. 100 points = a week, 200 points is two weeks, etc., updates to the blog, the whole thing. If the recipient doesn't think he can do that, pass the gift certificate to the next person.
- Updates must happen on the blog every week, or else you violate the conditions of the challenge and must undergo The Punishment™ early and in addition to doing it if you don't meet your deadline. This is the case even if you are painting after receiving The Punishment™. It's just that hardcore.

This Sober Gamer will be posting his own goals shortly; I have some Eldar stuff that's been waiting a long time for attention and this might be a good time to get down to brass tacks.

JO, CA$H, Loth, MV: Step up and tell the people what you're doing, you mooks.


  1. Alrighty, having been called out.. I am going to finish painting 4 sgts and 2 characters in one week. I know this adds up to way more than 100 points, but they are so close to being done, it wouldnt be fair to give myself 4 weeks.

    Going to post pics soon.

    Corey, I challenge you: whats on your painting table?

  2. I'm just going through my whole collection and itemizing it so I can figure out what needs love most. Should have a list up today.


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