20 February, 2010

March Madness Painting Challenge

Ok, so we are going to be running a painting challenge: 500 pts. You take pics of before, during and when done.

We have a week for everyone to give ideas about the risk/reward for this.. and to think about what it is they are going to work on.

For me, so far my 500 points will be build three medusas from my current leman russes, plus build the prototype Chimera-rhino for my squats, and paint the Chimera.

EDIT: The above will be my points for the month of march, I wanted to get the last few models for my Nightlords knocked out before I get started with my Squat Refurbishing Project.


  1. thats only 460 pts, trying to cheat already eh?

  2. closed top & Breacher shells puts them at 155 each, which is 465, plus 55 for the chimera.

    Know your army :)


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