03 February, 2010

Video Battle Report: Tyranids vs Eldar

Orbital and I battled last friday, and here is the bat rep. Sadly the last 2 minutes of game unwind is lost due to Youtube's 10 minute limit


  1. Really enjoying the battle reports. Seems like a lot of games where happening at once there.
    Quick question is the city board a gw product or did you make it yourselves?

  2. The city board is old GW Bayshore terrain that i fixed up, plus the old Cities of Death battle mat. If you can still find it, it makes a great playing surface if you have cityfight terrain. Just roll it up backwards so it curls down, not up, in the corners. its not a current in stock item, but i found one at Comic book shoppe on merivale in november..

  3. Fantastic report, tks for posting this :)



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