22 February, 2010

War Walkers Done, Wave Serpents Next

I'd like to start with a quick Sober Gamer update: I think I have the stomach flu. Earlier this evening, it interrupted my plans to take photos of my completed War Walkers. As a favor to you, I won't tell you how. I will follow up with pics of completed War Walkers tomorrow.

With the War Walkers behind me, Matt Varnish let me know that it was time to complete my four Wave Serpents. This is a pic of how they look right now before any paint is (further) applied:

As you can see, they're a good chunk of the way towards done. I think it's fair to consider the completion of these four vehicles as being a 100 point challenge (which means that jerk is going to throw 200 more points at me before I'm done, but whatever). Going from left to right, I'll describe the workload: 1) Mostly done. Runes and freehand are on it, gems are done. I only need to touch up the undercarriage, 2) Close to being done, but needs freehand, some undercarriage work, and the Snakebite Leather "grooves" in the blue part that match the first Serpent, 3) Basically a blank canvas. Base painting is done, but needs that blue to tie it in with the other three, plus details, 4) This was whipped up as a Command Vehicle for an Apocalypse game that was planned (but ultimately canceled) for the most recent Game Summit. It wasn't just an attempt to do some fancyshmancy freehand, but more of a desire to break out from the Bone/Blue/Yellow thing I've been doing for years now. This is the vehicle that's going to require the most work, as I intend to cover it in glyphs and runes. Oh, by the way: I'm very bad with pilots, whether they're in Wave Serpents or War Walkers. In the coming weeks, you're going to see how bad.

For the record, I prefer the Forgeworld Wave Serpents to the Games Workshop ones.

Edit: As promised... War Walkers.

Not perfect. Still some stuff to be touched up (you might notice that I've got a couple "fixer upper" epoxy spots where the windows meet the Walker body), but I think I can call these done!


  1. keep in mind I selected all 4 wave serpents only because you finished the warwalkers very quickly, so essentially you have 1.7 weeks to finish the 4 wave serpents.

    FYI, my 4 sgts are done, working on characters now

  2. Looking Good Corey.. keep trucking on those wave serpents.

  3. I'll very likely go back and touch up the War Walkers later. There's always more to do, but in this case I think they're definitely table-ready.

    Thanks, Matt!

  4. The Independent CharactersFebruary 28, 2010 at 9:33 PM

    I stumbled across this site and I have to say though I am not a huge fan of the color scheme for your eldar... I love the pattern of the first one (the half and half) and the painting skill is obviously there.

    Well done sir!


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