02 February, 2010

Battle Report: Tyranids vs Mech Guard

This game took place last week at GW between Lothlann and I. No , did not have camera sadly, as it was unexpected that I was there to play that day.

We played Capture and Control, Dawn of War, and I used the same list as always, though this time my hive guard and mycetic spore were painted! Early in the game, it looked that I was going to crush him, as I had my genestealers outflanking and destroying vehicles on the left flank, while on the right they couldn't do too much apart from stun a vendetta and a few chimeras.

However, turn 3 was truly a turning point: He unloads his veterans from their rides, and unleashes heavy flamers on all my near squads, virtually wiping out my right flank. My left flank was bogged gown by bad diff. terrain tests, and my shove up the middle with termagants met heavy resistance in combat.. aka I can't roll to save my life!

Then, a plucky heavy weapon team (2 AC, 1 HB) with a possible 7 shots, gets 6 wounds on my Tervigon with 'Bring it Down" I fail ALL 6 saves. Tervigon down!!

Next turn, I move up the Tyrant to provide synapse to my forward elements, but this also gets taken down by the SAME plucky heavy weapons team. Meanwhile, my other Tervigon fails all its cover saves from massed plasma fire from vets, and lascannon fire from an anti tank team.

With all my monstrous creatures downed, Lothlann is able to walk up to my objective, and throws every squad remnant he has onto my last surviving genestealer and his Broodlord boss, and finally kills them in combat for the win. Great game Lothlann, i have a newfound respect for heavy flamers hull mounted wherever possible in a guard army

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