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Which Eldar need The Treatment? Calling Matt Varnish...

It's time for the DGoO Painting Challenge, and I've made a little list of my models which are assembled but the painting isn't done yet:

• Wave Serpent: Needs detail.

• Wave Serpent: Needs a LOT of detailing (so much that you should think of it as merely primed at this point).

• Wave Serpent: One hour left of work and repairs.

• Wave Serpent: Needs detail.

• Three War Walkers: Needs detail.

• Cobra: Needs detail.

• 13 Warlocks: Needs detail and bases

• Maugen Ra: Basecoated, unpainted sand on the base.

• Asurmen: Needs detail, base.

• Farseer: Needs detail

• Farseer: Needs detail

• Yriel: Basecoated. Needs base

• Autarch w/Reaper Launcher: Needs base and touch-ups

• Auarch w/Reaper Launcher: Basecoated, needs base.

• Autarch w/2 Swords: Primed, needs base.

• Dire Avenger Exarch: Base coated.

• Dire Avenger Exarch: Needs base.

• Dire Avenger Exarch: Needs base.

• 20 Storm Guardians: Need details, needs bases.

• Defender Guardian Heavy Weapon Guy: Needs detail.

• Fuegan: Needs detail.

• Fire Dragon Exarch: Base coated, base needs finishing.

• 10 Dark Reapers incl 2 Exarchs: Need touchups. Unpainted sand bases.

• 10 Striking Scorpions incl Exarch: Basecoated, unpainted sand bases.

• 10 Striking Scorpions incl. Exarch: Need details. Unpainted sand bases.

• 9 Dire Avengers: Base coated. Need bases.

• Wraithlord: Needs detail. Black sanded base.

• Wraithlord: Needs detail.

• Wraithlord: Needs detail.

• Falcon conversion: Needs detail.

• Armorcast Falcon (yes, really): Primed black.

• A plethora of magnetized weaponry that's either primed, base coated or bare plastic.

While I understand that it can be pretty boring to look at a list of someone else's models and try to work up some excitement for which needs to be painted next (trust me; I've been in that position), this does have me somewhat stumped as to where I should go next. I'm almost tempted to let Matt Varnish choose for me. Why him?

1. You can't give CA$H any power. He corrupts pretty much instantly.

2. No matter how little you care about which models I paint, Lothlann cares less.

3. Joyous_Oblivion's answer to "which Eldar should I paint?" would be "Macs suck", and that doesn't help me.

4. Matt Varnish is known among his friends as "The Enabler". He'll have no problem giving me things to do instead of looking for work, exercising, reading, cleaning my home, etc...

So, I am officially asking MV to choose 400 points for me to paint to completion. I'm putting it in his hands.

Matt Varnish Replies:

OK I'm going to be a bastard and only let him know one week at a time.

Corey, I Choose your Warwalkers for week one. I want all 6 finished (I think 3 blue ones are done, if so, bonus for you) and based, symbols painted, the works.

My reply:

My War Walkers come in two flavors: Blueberry and Toffee.

Matt made a pretty good approximation of 100 points in terms of how much work is left on these: The base-coats are done, bases, all that stuff. What's missing is that the drivers need to be finished and I need to put runes and glyphs on them to take them the last yard to the finish line. It's a fair challenge, and I accept.


  1. OK I'm going to be a bastard and only let him know one week at a time.

    Corey, I Choose your Warwalkers for week one. I want all 6 finished (I think 3 blue ones are done, if so, bonus for you) and based, symbols painted, the works.

  2. 6 Warwalkers for 100 points? Even I'm not that harsh!

    My list will be up shortly :)

  3. Aw... well, he doesn't want me to do the WWs from scratch. I'm just putting the finishing touches on them. It's not SO bad. :)


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