25 February, 2010

Valkyrie WIP Pics

Well I am 3 days in, 4 to go, I thought I would show some progress on my 100 point challenge.

Obviously still WIP but the random two colours I picked at GW seemed to turn out ok.

Comments and questions welcome.


  1. Holy hell that looks good. Way to go, man.

  2. Great start- and definitly do the slight wavey line on the under side blue- will really make the model pop!

    Awesome color choice though - I like

  3. Great looking fig! The wash looks a little heavy on some of the flat pieces, especially at the tail, but overall the model looks stellar. Good stuff!

  4. Nice man, very nice.

    I'm still master debating about what color scheme to paint my squats.. might bring some tonite and work on them if I sit out.


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