21 February, 2010

CA$H Painting Challenge - Part 1

CA$H here,

In response - here is a pic of the "Start" of my challenge. 10 man Grey Hunter squad and Rhino transport. Comes to 205pts, so I have 2 weeks starting tomorrow Feb 22. All the marines are in various stages and and the rhino is on sprue.

I haven't yet decided on a full paint scheme, but the theme for this new army will be "Iron Wolves". It's one of the great companies and are they are renown for their "armored assault". I haven't seen anyone locally use this company, so it's mine for the taking. I also plan to "retake" Space Wolves for the casual player, and not become "one of those space wolves guys".

Orbital - what are you manning up with?

CA$H out.


  1. Well, you cant really grow a long pony tail, so you can never truly be "one of those guys" haha

    So youre not going to add any SW bits to these guys at all T?

  2. "Orbital - what are you manning up with?"

    Your mom.


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