04 September, 2017

Flames of War Cdn Nationals 2017 Picture Dump

Jack Daniels, Pepsi, and Flames of War, does it get any better, really?   

Hey gang, just a quick picture dump of Cdn Nationals 2017.  We played 3 different points levels, Late War V4, using the Gen-Con rules for determining Attacker-Defender, AND by unanimous vote to Dave Griffin, we also used the Proposed Win Conditions (designed to reduce draws) from the week-old More Missions from the front.  The points levels were 1050, 1405 and 1865, with 2 games at each points lvl over the course of 2 days.   I personally wasn't a huge fan of the points lvls, because with the small Warrior book, main V4 rulebook, More Missions, MLFTF, and whatever else you had going on, it was a lot of book keeping during games.    Anyways, picture dump for you guys, and I had tried to get as many army shots prior to game one as possible.   Enjoy!

My KG Peiper.  Can't have the SS without a church and some flames right?

Matt MacKenzie's 82nd Airborne w/ Guards tank support.

Rob Kelly's Canadians, with Land Mattresses!

Chris Johnson's Assault Gun List.  Would win all 6 games 8-1 for a 'Flawless Victory' <mortal kombat voice>
This list won every single game 8-1.  No IL-2.

Chris' objective, some disabled self-propelled field piece.

Nick Farina's allied force, with Churchills of varying Marks

I had to ask what the three vehicles at the back of this list were.  Apparently mini-Panzers with 6 Panzerfausts strapped together!!!

Brandon Gilchrist's Russian Tankovy.   Those mortars of his walked across the table to claim an objective against some noob on the last game.   Spoiler:  I'm that noob...

Craig Bodycote would win Best Sportsmanship (fooling everyone with his British Accent) with these awesome Hobart's Funnies

James Agnew's British Commandos.   Each commando unit had captured Panzershrecks.   Which ate my King Tigers up on turn 2 in our game!

Dan Choquette's Canadians.   Those Sextons triple-bailed the rear armour of my King Tiger.   Yes, do the math in your head, I rolled three 1s.

Dave's Tigers'n'Guns

James Stewart's Germans, featuring six heavy self propelled howitzers..

Don't call him Mister.. David Vigor's Soviets would take home 2nd overall

Dean Marquis came up with a bunch of guys from the Toronto area.

Lou's army.

KV's in Late War???   Plus a IL2-Tip3M.  They were more vicious on paper than in real life.  Darko would come in 4th overall.

View from the window:  SOMEONE was spray priming late Friday night!!

M8 Scotts, which Dashed to hold this objective while the closest enemy vehicle was OTHER SIDE if that lake!!

Timely reserves however wipe out the Scott's who honestly don't have much business on a late war battlefield....

Airborne crossing the bridge towards Will J's Hungarian Zrinyi's.   Strong 3rd place overall for the Hungarians!

Vicoius fighting would ensue near the pristine white apartment block in later turns..

Really nice Soviets on a really nice table.

Chuck Hiner's trucked Soviets with a LOT of 50 cal shots!

Sweet-looking ZIS-3 guns.

Forward for the Motherland!

Dennis Wark's superbly-painted Jumbos, Easy-8s and Pershing.

Overhead of Dennis' army

He got my vote for Best-Painted.

Wait, 2 Hungarian armies?  Dave Griffin's hungarian vs Chris Caron's Polish.   Not a very common Late-War matchup!

The Panzer-Faust launchers in action, with Reload Counters.

Hot Brit-on-Brit action

Nick's Churchills putting in a tonne of work all tournament long he was saying.

Timely smoke mission for these men!

SS Peiper vs Polish Infantry.   Rearguard.

My Panzers kill all but one PIAT team in the hedgerow, who would proceed to make FOUR more Last Stand tests!

In Rearguard, I wanted him to have to pull a platoon and THEN fail the test, but these Polish sure have a hate-on for the SS..  I would eventually break him as he was running out of ways to deal with tanks...

Certainly the most Hockey-themed objective.  Net and Detroit Red Wings SP AA

"They only have a PIAT what could possibly go wrong!"

Close-up of Joe Clemens tank-riders.   StuG-Life indeed!

Wasps rushing Dean's Gepanzerte-Panzer-Grenadiers in a suicidal charge, with Churchill's hoping to mop up the StuGs

The Elusive Canadian Land-Mattress in action!

I'll post a video after its done editing and uploading in the upcoming days.


  1. Thanks for posting! Loved checking out the forces!

  2. Very Sharp! Thanks for getting this out for us, much appreciated.


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