10 October, 2017

Team Yankee 50pts Dust-Up Cdns vs Russians

Objective:  Smoke break outside an M577 'Queen Mary'

With a Team Yankee tournament in 2 weeks' time, Rob and I decided to christen his new gameroom with a 50pt Dust-Up.  He is using West Germans with as much of it painted as Canadians as possible until the legit list comes out.    So for now he has Geppard and Luchs german allies for his Leopard 1 list and is using M113-TOWs repping Jaguars.  Enjoy the pics, and as always, video and battle report at the bottom and pics of Rob's WIP Cdn Leo II turret conversions.

I picked lower left as my deployment zone

Rob's Cdn Leopard I's

Crashed Cdn Huey (old Tour of Duty special objective)

Canadian ILTIS crappy jeep and Niner-Grub, a Canadian bratwurst wagon that served on exercises using no budget money somehow, yet always was stocked, and never broke down  :)

Not a good start, all my BMP-1s fold from Leo I fire.   However, my infantry RPG's made short work of the bad frontal armour of the Leopard 1s.   Hard to tell but he had to crest that hill to get shots, and therefore got too close to my RPGs.

The CO tank wisely backs out of RPG range...

..while my Motor Rifles press home past the town to threaten his objectives.

Geppards come on and liquidate most of my Motor Rifles with 16 shots, but my survivors unpin and and RPG the Geppards, breaking them.

With the Geppard threat eliminated, my Hind-Ds can start plugging Leopard 1 platoons at will.

Tried road-dashing my ZSU-23s into the town, but his reserve Leo 1 Platoon would wipe them out..

His M113 TOWs (Jaguars) come on from reserve to threaten my gun-shy T-72s but fail cross checks galore!
For some reason my last few pictures were ultra blurry, so to see the game results you'll have to see the video below, but it was super bloody with both of us near Formation Morale.  Rob also showed his WIP Canadian Leo II turret bustle racks (more in the video as well)

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