13 October, 2017

Denmark Defence Museum (Tojhusmuseet) PART 1

When walking into the museum, you are greeted by a V-1.  None were launched by rails from Scandinavia, but some were air-dropped from He-111 H22 bombers over the North Sea.

So I went over to Denmark to visit some family.  Naturally I had to visit the Danish Defence Museum, or Tøjhusmuseet which is in Copenhagen and housed in a very old naval shipyard support area (where all the cannons were stored and fitted to ships) so I have a huge picture dump, be warned :)     I have split into two parts, the napoleonic stuff is near the bottom of this page.  Enjoy  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLEcDe19gEo

extremely long cannon, ceremonial / impress-the-townsfolk of Copenhagen
Just cannons alone, there were over 100 of them.   Having my brother there to explain how anything overly ornate would be King Christian IV, this fat king who had made Denmark a huge empire, was interesting.. he said just look for the C4 logo and its his..

..such as this cannon made as gift to a town.    C4 was etched into the metal.

Amongst the old cannon were some german WWII occupation stuff, plus upstairs had lighter weapons and uniforms, as well as dozens of model ships and naval battle layouts.

Goliath R/C bomb.

FlaK 36.    This '88 had no gunshield and was installed near Copenhagen to shoot down allied planes.

Early-War Danish AT gun on the left, dwarfed by a PaK-40

Carden-Lloyd tankette.   Isn't this the British Tier 1 tank in World of Tanks?!?!

WWI-era FK-98 range tables on inner gun-shield.

FK-98 gun.   If you've ever played Battlefield 1, you have seen these !!

Interior of WWI portable AT turret.   Moved into position at night by horse!!!

Portable AT turret, outside view

WWI era heavy howitzer with horse limber.   Wheel about 5 feet high.

My brother translated :  'From Danish Women" on this 82pdr coastal gun.

Left: Ship-mounted Maksim MG and turn of the century Gatling on the right

37mm Hotchkiss ship secondary gun.

Looking down open sights of a Field Gun

Camoflaged Field Gun, late 1800s

Coastal Defence mount for lateral aiming with the older high-mount wall gun on top.   Wheels removed but axle remains to guide the recoil.

Another view of the highmount gun

British 6lbr gun, of the same type used in South Africa, late 1800s, sold to the Danes

Napoleonic-era Danish 4lbr

Pike & Shotte era Danish ship gun.

Militia weapons, each tip is engraved with the unit.

Schleswig National Regiment.   Holstein-Schleswig changed hands many times as it is between Denmark and the germanic states.   These are in old Danish so are from when Denmark ruled the region.  

Pike & Shotte era metal breastplates.   There were Pikes on the other side, picture came out blurry.

10 foot long Zweihander, ceremonial

Horse Barding, ceremonial
ceremonial armour, Holy Roman Empire edition (matches above 2 pics)   

'Golden Fleece' etched into the armour, signifying this as belonging to the Elector Prince from Holstein-Gottorp-Oldenburg, a member-state of the HRE.

Pistols and maces.

Ornate hunting weapons, the collection of Duke Adolf of Gottorp

More hunting rifles

Each one had a lot of detail carved.

The Duke even got his hands on some Samurai stuff

Knife and Fork add-on to his scabbard.   When you gotta eat & hunt on the fly!

Daggers, crossbows and so on, all ornate, from Duke Adolf's collection

one rifle was even carved from antler!!!!

Each gun would take months to make apparently

Russian Hussar uniform.    Some noble served and brought back a bunch of different uniforms, according to the info panel.

Officer's uniform, Russian Lancers.

Chasseur & Czapka from Russia

Austrian and Prussian headgear

Russian Hussar officer uniform.  Love the white Pelisse.

More russian headgear

Russian Lifeguard Cuirassier officer uniform

Russian hussar

Russian officer Gorgets

Holstein-Schleswig Guard (silver tassles has faded over 200 years)

Swedish Dragoon

Line infantry, Grenadier company

Old felt shako cover on the right has seen better days.

Holstein-Schleswig Lancer Rgmt

more french headgear

French 1st Dragoons and Guard Lancers 1808

The shame: Captured french Eagle and cannon ball

Well, thats it, the modern, and naval stuff and video of my brother reading off the headdress descriptions will be in a follow-up post, plus my visit to Kastellet defences and Kronborg castle, coming soon!


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