05 September, 2017

Flames of War Canadian Nationals Stats and Lists

Hey guys, here are the final standings for Canadian Nationals 2017.    
We played small, middle and large lists (1050, 1405 and 1865 pts) and here were the rounds/missions/list levels:
Small – Hasty Attack
Large - Fallback
Middle – Free For All
Large - Breakthru
Small - Counterattack
Middle – Dust Up

You will see some clever use of Artillery transports in Chuck's list (which will be nerfed shortly by needing to stay near the parent company)and surprisingly, only two of the lists below used more than 1 formation.   Enjoy.

#1  Chris Johnson did not submit to Dave (or Dave forgot to send it to me) but we have some intel, here is a pic of his army:   

#2 David Vigor

1405 list, only 1 formation was submitted, this is one of the formations
1865 list, Again, only 1 formation was submitted, this is one of the formations

#3 Will J's Hungarians.   Submitted via mobile phone

#4 Darko P

#5 Nick Faryna

#6 Brandon Gilchrist

#7 Kyle French

#8 Jordan V, who used 2 formations for the middle and larger lists:

1405 2 x formations
 1865 2 x formations

#9 , 10 and 11   I do not have lists for

#12 Chuck Hiner

#13 David Griffin, Hungarians

The discussion on current lists and so on are at www.wwpd.net and official Battlefront forums, but I can't upload these lists to either from work, but blogger is ok for some reason :)

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  1. They spelt Armour wrong in the army type. Darn Americans. 12/38 axis players, did the axis get that week with the last few books?

    How did the multi point lists go?


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