22 December, 2017

Mid War 71 points Desert Rats vs German Pzr's Counterattack

Marder III with wounded on board, last survivors of their unit.
So let's dive in to Game 2, where hopefully I don't botch too many more rules!   As always, Video Battle Report at the end!  So we rolled up Counter-Attack, with me defending.  We used the same lists as Game 1,  and we both used Spearhead liberally, as this mission allows good movement.  Matt Spearheaded everything into No-Man's Land, deployment is below

You can see my Spearhead top left, Matt's all-in spearhead front and center!

I deployed my infantry dug-in near the brewed-up Crusader Objective, with my Crusader HQ using the woods to block LOS from his Pzr IVs

..while my spearheaded units are concealed and gone to ground from his entire force in the distance!

Matt's initial moves are to have 2 Pzr IVs face towards my reserve corner, and the rest try to Blitz and shoot my units in the wheat field.

Perhaps foolishly, I Dash my motor platoon up, and the Boys AT Rifle manages a bail-out on an 8-rad!

Panzers and Marders make short work of my no-longer-gone-to-ground Crusaders!!  Wheat fields don't stop Bullets!

..but it cuts both ways.. my 6lbrs ambush and knock out the small Panzer IV platoon on the neutral objective.

I dig in my Motor Platoon, and his Pzr IV MGs are no longer a threat to them.  The lone Marder remounts and passes Morale.

Once again, my Crusader HQ get blitz-flanked and would be destroyed!

My reserves arrive in his backfield, so Matt rotates turrets to face the rear, while leaving the front facing my infantry in case I assault.  

My Grants manage to bail only one, thanks to the turret-front rule.  With only 8 remaining MG shots from the Panzers, I initiate the assault.  He hits 7 of 8 and kills my AT rifle!

My Crusaders and Hurricanes join from reserves, though I miss my Aircraft 4+ roll.   I thought I was in good position until we thought Matt had won the game with his lone hero-Marder.  In the end it turns out it was really turn 5 not 6.  I really need a turn counter!

This game went fast and furious, and before we knew it it was over.    Yes we botched the turn count but Matt's idea was sound, I would have forgotten in turn 6 to contest the neutral objective!  Sneaky sneaky blitzing into the forest to contest and be Gone to Ground for not having 'moved'
I feel my mind was still filled with Team Yankee after playing earlier that week, but hopefully the rules get synergized (gee, I sound like my boss) and I can stop botching rules.   It was still a fun 2 games of Mid-War, and we are now primed to try out the other lists.. USA and Italians in the new year!   Hope you enjoyed it, and here is the more detailed video:


  1. What a FUN game and likely the last of it's kind in 2017! Many new things are in the pipeline for the next gaming year and hopefully I will be able to sneak away with another win or two. I agree with the streamlining of rules and hopefully TY makes some changes this coming year. It looks like BattleFront is going to be busy with new and exciting books, models and other things!

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  3. At least it's now 2018 and my soviet book should be out eventually...
    Happy New Year!


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