23 October, 2017

Team Yankee Event @ Lords of War

SU-25s, T-72s and BMP-2.   Shockingly all three units survived in my game!

This past weekend, Rob and I drive down to Oakville @ Lords of War Hobbies to play in a Team Yankee event.   Big thanks to Drew from  http://covering-fire.blogspot.ca/ for letting us crash at his place to avoid a hotel cost.   We ended up with 8 players total, and we played the new Mission and Victory conditions, and it used fixed missions, but with bid-for-attack / defend, NOT Battle plans.   Also, 3 different pts levels were used, 100, then 75 then 50pts in the interests of letting us have a big game but not being there until 8pm.     I brought my BMP Motor Rifle Bn with 2 maxed units plus assorted support as filler.

Rob was using Cdn's-as-Germans.   Here are his M109s and Luch's

Geppards, the vehicles I hate the most.   They would still be worth current pts at 32 inch range, AT10 and FP 5+ and one less ROF!!

My deployment vs Craig's British.   Note my clear plastic movement trays for the Motor Rifles.  Makes Dash-then-Follow Me's pretty fast!!

Hinds staying away from Blowpipe range to shoot at Scimitars..
Game 1 I played vs Craig Bodycote, who won Best Sportsman at Cdn Nationals this year.    I am new to using the Motor Rifles, but was assured to just press them forwards, which I did.   His Swingfires and Chieftains were making short work of my BMPs but the Hind's and T-72s were putting in some work on his tanks.

His Chieftains by the crashed Huey objective, Swingfires and behind the convenience store, Blowpipes.

Nest table to ours was Rob facing Derek's East German Horde.  If you thought I had a lot of models.. this is one flank..

..while this is the other!!   He had JUST ordered and tried to paint it all in time, but with only 2 weeks, he got about half done!

Meanwhile, my Motor Rifles RPG the HELL out of Craig's chieftains   For the Motherland!

End of Game 1, Craig Blitzes the helo's on board, then fails to blitz the infantry out.   (yes we NOW know he can only blitz 4 inches from board edge) but it forced me to run a T-72 back to contest.   

On the other flank, a handful of BMP survivors are holding his last Chieftain platoon at bay, while my second Motor Rifles  engage in a firefight with his dismounted Irishmen.

Here is my T-72 contesting him.   My surviving Hind could do nothing, so he would not win here..but on the crashed Huey objective, the 1 Blowpipe I couldn't kill with SU-25s and Hind's was contesting my win as time wound down.   Another turn  and I would have prevailed.    3-3 draw

Game 2 vs Matt's West Germans, No Retreat, he elected to attack with his Leo I army since in defence Deep Reserves would cripple him.   Per the FAQ, I left one BMP unit in Ambush.   Matt elected to Dawn Assault, but I put my SU-25s and Hinds in reserve anyways.

He had Leo Is and Geppards with Leo IIs and LARS missile trucks as Support.

4 Geppards, but its night-time.

Perhaps irrationally, I would spring my ambush of BMPs in the treeline and open up with 7 ATGMs, but with cover of night, could only manage 2 bails and one kill.  he of course would make his Morale roll.

My Motor Rifles are dug in, waiting the Leo Is to get within RPG range!

Central road, Matt wisely drives his tanks within my minimum ATGM range of my BMPs, forcing 4 to take side shots near the duck pond.  I kill 2 more Geppards, but the one lone Gepp would ofc make his Morale again!   

Matt's Marders roll a 1 for night vision, and fail to see any of the BMPs !  My return fire from the other unit of BMPs would smash them with their ROF2 cannons on the move.

Only 1 Geppard?  He still hit 3 helos in defensive fire, and I lost 2!! and of course I failed to hit with my remaining helo's!

My RPGs make short work of his Leo Is but his Leo IIs are assaulting with near impunity (AT16 side vs Heat, and my RPG7s are AT17)    I would finally kill his commander and reduce him to the 1 Geppard.   The LARS and Leo IIs are support, so Formation kill!

Game 3 not many pictures survived, but I got a 3-4 loss.   I have pics of the rest of the games though, below!

Jay's British crest the hill and... well, lets just say its a target-rich environment!   So many BTRs and BMP hulls to kill!

Jay's Abbots putting in work on the infantry though, while the mass of BTRs gets whittled down

In the end, Jay would prevail as he clears the corner of McDonalds and Mosque of the Communist threat!

Closeup of Jay's Chieftains and transports

Jay's infantry

Lynx transports for the infantry

Craig's British vs some Westies

Hot Leo on Leo action.. Rob's Cdn Leo Is vs Matt's.   So far a LOT of smashed armour in that town square.. it can't get any worse!

Meanwhile, Drew's mech infantry looking good, securing the Brit objective.   Whats that song? "1 World Cup and 2 World Wars, doo-dah, doo-dah!"

Better lighting for Jay's Abbots.

Jay elected to put most of his stuff on the right flank and pray for reserves for the left.  Swingfires shoot and knock out some Marders.

Meanwhile, it CAN get worse!   ALL the Leo Is from both sides are in the town square, with only a handful of actives firing across wrecks like a junkyard shoot out!

Matt's BO-105 tank hunters.  unfortunately he would not get any reserves, and could NOT contest Drew's risky and gutsy play of mad-dashing to a clear objective and praying for no reserves for his opponent.   He would get a 6-1 for his bold move and win first overall.

We had a blast, there was LOTS of wrecked armour, which is really all you can ask for in a Team Yankee event.   Thanks to Lords of War, the Toronto Crew for having us.  We hope to make the regionals in the spring!


  1. There was supposed to be one but couldnt make it. THere will be more after Stripes comes out with those plastic HUeys

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