22 October, 2017

Denmark trip part 2

Lego knock-off Tiger 1E.  Nice sinister eye patch Tank Commander!

Part 2 of my trip to Denmark Tojhusmuseet and Kronborg and Kastellet, video at the bottom

Lots of large ship models.

250 year old shipwright models.   These were built first then the real thing patterned from these.

28mm captain on the deck, so this thing was MASSIVE

Lots of rigging

Christian VII Pike and Shotte era flag

Cognac, Brandy and Wine.   The important stuff!

Danish SS uniforms, plus naval uniform

WWII Resistance weapons

Resistance para-canister and radio and code book

MG-34 and light mortar

1960s-era model made by a retired Doctor of Copenhagen naval base.   Note the old building with crane near the frigate.. seems to be using it to fix the antenna

Another shot of the 60s era dockyards

WWII Danish frigate

Nameplate and symbol from a sunken ship

Danish Torpedo boat.  Note the MG station (was downstairs next to the Gatling gun!!)

Propeller and steering for an early torpedo

Early anti-torpedo chain mail

Early mine-layer

Model of Danish Dreadnought.  one massive gun

Model of that one massive gun, seems like it can't hit ships but good for land bombardments

Largest model in the museum: this was about 10 feet high, and all the sails and rigging worked.  This model was used to train the seamen in how to do the rigging.

Just a barge with cannons all around, which would be towed and anchored in the harbor vs the Swedes or Nelson's fleet..

Large battle diorama of Nelson demolishing the Danish fleet in 1801

That SAME Crane building (white with green roof)

Dredger to clear the Copenhagen channel.   Prisoners were first used in the hamster wheels, and then horses.

Another dredger, this time with a Conan-esque 'Wheel of Pain' way to get the buckets moving!!

A third model of Copenhagen harbor, this time when the Danish fleet was at its zenith

Cannons on the sea-wall

Tipped-over ships were to work on the keel and undersides.

Yet again, that SAME CRANE tower.

Model of the actual crane tower.  Turns out was used at first to install and remove main masts.   This was the tallest building in Denmark for a long time.

Diorama of the battle of the Sound (Between Helsingor DK and Helsingborg SE)

Tower and star defences, Swedish side.  Now an industrial city has obliterated all this.

Danish side, Helsingor, Kronborg castle (and where MacBeth takes place)   We would visit this the next day!

Fancy ship, was the king's flagship

After seeing it 5 times in the museum, kinda had to take a pic of the Crane Tower, its still there!!

Kastellet (fortress in downtown Copenhagen, overlooking the naval area, and now in downtown CPH) Looking from the 2nd wall to the front gate and first bridge.

Barracks from 1604 (still in use by some army cadets) behind the wall I was standing on from previous picture.

Cannon view of main gate approaches.  These 2 locals would JUST NOT LEAVE..

Kronborg castle, Helsingor, from outside the star-fort defences

View from the cannon tower, Kronborg and inner support buildings, outer moat behind..

Sweden across the way.   Ships would have to pay Sound Dues or be fired upon.  Christian IV was shocked later that a bunch of countries were tired of paying and attacked!  How dare they!

Helsinborg on the other side, that little tower is still there but its hidden by all the industrial stuff.

Courtyard of Kronborg

Main cannon battery facing the entrance to the sound.

Anti-infantry defences

These cannons would have been made where the museum is now, in Copenhagen

Kronborg, viewed from the ferry we took to Sweden

Well, thats it!   If you ever have half a day in Copenhagen, hit up the Tojhusmuseet if you can, but there are tonnes of other historical things everywhere, like a LOT of german bunkers in case the allies did a landing.   2kms from my brothers place is an artillery and MG emplacement that was never used, as the germans Blitzkrieged from the south :)

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