30 January, 2012

Road to Paris, Part 3: Vehicle Paint scheme

Well, I got a BIT of work done, took a bit of artisitic license and made the division symbol a bit bigger than they were, just so I could paint the crosses right. Also, the French Flags are a tad bigger, again for ease of painting and such. I added the Resistance guys and some explosives. Colors were green spray, Brown Violet, Ogryn Flash wash, Brown Violet again, then highlighted with Ghoul Skin Green. Makes for a good objective I think.

The list I have settled on for now, is from Fortress Europe, LW 1500 pts, C/T

HQ: Armored Rifle HQ, no bazooka 25 pts
Armored Rifles full platoon: 240 pts
Armored Rifles full platoon: 240 pts
Shermans x5: 345 points
Stuarts x5: 235 points
HMG platoon, 2 sections, bazookas: 150 pts
M7 Priest, 1 Gun Troop, OP Sherman, 185 points
Cavalry Recon Patrol, 1 M8, 2 jeeps, 70 points.

This gives me 1490. I can add 2x .50 cal's to the halftracks to reach 1500. Its 7 platoons, but I can split the HMG platoon amongst the ARs and stay at 6

Only thing I see that is seriously lacking is heavy AT. Panthers and up I can;t do anything about without relying on Bazookas and Arty. If I take out the Stuarts and HMG, I can pop in 4 x M10s, leaving me at 6 platoons still. Oh well, these are the models I have right now, so what can you do? :)


  1. You'll learn playing US, you don't have any real answer for long range AT against heavy armour. Need to flank them or assault them.

  2. hey, it looks great. Sometimes, artistic license is what will make the model come alive, not so-called "realistic" detailing.


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