04 January, 2012

AAR 60, FSJ v Italy LW Brits, Dust Up

First AAR of the new year, at Brett's and I have some of my painted desert stuff so we could make an Italy table.. which would go well with his Casssino FSJs v my Italy campaign Brits. Normally I do just Video Reports, but I'm going to add more pictures for folks who (like me) have youtube blocked at work!

I ran the following:
Motor Company HQ in White cars
Motor Platoon in halftracks x2, PIAT, L Mortar
full 25 pdr battery, 2 OP shermans, AOP
Sherman platoon
M10 Platoon
2 x Recce patrols, 1 with PIAT

FSJ from Cassino
HQ with 2 Knacker, 2 Shreck, 2 Mortars
2 x Full Strength FSJ w/ Knacker
4 StuGs
3 Marder II
2 x LG40
3 Nebs

Deployment below
(above) Brett deploys his infantry in the town near the tracks by the 2 objectives, and I deploy cross-corner by the ruined fort on the hill.

(above) View over the vineyards into the german-held town, below 2 pics, closeups of his men in my new buildings

(above) I move my halftracks into the vineyards, to deploy my MG teams to cover his infantry advance

(above) Brett advances to the Monastery/Vineyard area, objective visible on the road.

(above) My MGs deployed, forcing Brett to halt his advance and dig in. By this time, I am thoroughly frustrated with how terrible my 25pdrs are, and how effective his Nebelwerfers are for less than half the points!

(above) Reserves come in this corner (Dust Up) but would be ineffectual assaulting into buildings, besides even if I got them to below half strength, he rolls Platoon Morale on 2+. Below, I decide to side step them towards his reserve corner, where it will be "softer" targets like MarderIIs and StuGs

Not shown: his StuGs smashing my 25pdrs, and my guns unable to do anything back due to lousy 5+ firepower. My M10s moving closer to deal with them. I abandon any thoughts of taking his objective and work to stop him, maybe get a few easy platoon kills when they arrive, the Marders and Recoiless guns

M10s in range of his StuGs....

Video has the rest, I forgot to take any more shots after this:(

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  1. In a draw its 1-1, and +1 per platoon, up to 3-3 max. So if Bret killed 1 platoon and you killed 3 its a 3-2 draw. Your right, lose vs. a tie, you never end up with less points.


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