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'Weighing' my options: PzIV D/E/F1

Well, despite the Late War 1500 pt tourney being one month away roughly, I am looking ahead to April's 1500 pt Mid War tourney up at the army base. Even though it would appear like Infantry got a boost from v3, I think I'm going to run a DAK panzer list. I have model-wise, 6 PzIVs, 5 PzIIIs, 5 PzIIs, then halftracks and a small Kfz222 Recon unit. My aim is two-fold: get them painted so I don;t have to run my Brits, but more-so to have them be compatible with Early War as well, hence the short-gun version of the PzIV. As you can see from the above pic, I have 1 BF PzIV and 5 PSC plastics. One thing I hate about all-plastic models is their weight.. they just feel so chintzy. Besides that, on a slope, if they are light they will just slide down, where a bit of weight will make the treads dig in a bit more, so I had to come up with a way to weigh them down, and I am sharing this with you now.

I went as cheap as possible, and the only monetary outlay here was a 2 dollar blister of nuts from the hardware store. The spackle you see is also from there, but I had this already bought for infantry basing. On the PSC tanks, I superglued 6 nuts to the underside half of the hull, while spackling the upper hull half. If you want to get heavier, you can glue 1 nut on the upper, but I think 6 is enough. I use the filler to, you guessed it, fill in the empty spaces in and around the nut, and I left a spot for the turret spike. I'm not a turret magnifying guy, but if I were, I would make sure my mag's are in before this step.

Below are both halves to each tank fully spackled. The elapsed time between the 2 pics was 11 minutes, so its very quick, the long part was waiting for the super glue to dry after dropping the nuts in. Easiest thing? Do like I did, superglue the nuts late at night, this morning I put in the spackle, and by the time I come home from work, I should be ready to glue the halves together and finish the platoon.

As for lists, my list I initially went for was the crappier of the 2 possible ones from North Africa, with the earlier MKs:


4 PzIV E
5 PzII C

then I have 200 points to spare, so Stukas, or a Schutzen platoon, or even 2 smoke Nebs and 1 x 88.

However, these have the crappy guns, though the PzIVs have bombardments.

THe updated list would be
2 PzIVF1
4 PzIVF1
3 KfZ222 Recon unit. I might have to cut down on PzIIs to fit the recon in now with the better tanks.

I have to weigh down my Zvezda PzIIs also, and if I can find a spot, the PSC 251 halftracks will be weighed down too. I am thinking where the engine is I can probably fit a nut and spackle in there.


  1. Good idea to weigh down the plastic tanks.

    I'm going to be running the following tanks. The stuff has been assembled for months so composition isn't a choice. Don't worry, mine is Eastern Front so they won't look the same, even tho they are super similar :D

    HQ PzIII N (Schurzen) + 2iC PzIII L (Schurzen)
    5 PzIII N (Schurzen)
    3 PzIVF1 + 2 PzIVF2
    3 SDKF 10/5 (Armored)

    If I can't get it painted in time, I'll take the following
    2 StuG G
    3 StuG G
    3 StuG G
    3 SDKF 10/5

  2. Nice i will do that to my PSC T-34 that i will pickup later. And on to your list you shoudl really get smoke and something that can bombard so you get smoke and pinning in assault.


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