25 January, 2012

Hobby Review: Tufts, by GW and Army Painter

(above)The GW tufts on the left, the ArmyPainter ones on the right, on top of a GF9 Large Desert Hill

So a bit of change of pace.. I am finishing off my terrain for the upcoming GameSummit 24 man Flames of War tournament, it might even by 26, so we need terrain. For Christmas you may recall I got a metric tonne of Desert stuff, and the final touches tonite are Tufts. My buddy Rob got me 3 packs of ArmyPainter stuff straight from the factory in Denmark, but while he was there, Games Workshop came out with some, the 'Mordheim' color being the best fit for desert.

I figure why not do a quick side-by-side review.

(above) GW on the left, 16 bucks for the sheet, ArmyPainter on the right, 8 bucks for the sheet. As you can see, you get more than 2x the ArmyPainter stuff, so money wise, it is no contest. Army Painter 6mm tufts are thicker, coarser, and come off the sheet way easier than the GW stuff. However they also have a better color selection as of now. The GW stuff is tougher to get off, has a variety of sizes on the sheet, and the smaller 'scale' lends itself better to FoW bases, where the ArmyPainter stuff would be better on terrain.

Final Verdict would be 8 out of 10 for GW (lose points on color selection) and 7 out of 10 for AP (cost per tuft) but if possible I would get some of each, since more variety never hurts.

Looks good in corners of desert buildings as well, especially the AP ones. Video below (its short)


  1. thanks for the review!!

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