03 February, 2012

Deutsche Afrika Korps, test vehicle

Well, I figured I may as well work on some DAK guys, seeing as my Game Summit stuff is done (2 weeks away), and the MW tournament up at CFB Petawawa is in April, I should work on them before my Free French!

My list, NA book, MW 1500 pts:

HQ: PanzerIIIN OC, upgraded to Rettemeier, 2IC is a PanzerIVF1
PanzerIVF1 x5
PanzerIIIN x4
PanzerIIF x4
LeichtePanzerSpah patrol
1500 even.

These are the colors I used, yes I tried using the 'Steve' pen to do the sharp lines, but went nuts on the darkening, and you can hardly see them. Still, I like having more German Grey showing, though the squares of grey where the insignia are on got lost with the Iraqi Sand drybrushing..

Rear quarter shot. I'm sure that nazi palm tree will get easier to paint as time goes on.

My 1500 point army, awaiting stowage and antennas before the paint shop gets their hands on 'em.


  1. Matt judging by the photo Rettemeier appears to be in a Pz III L or M, where as those Pz III N's are actually J early's

  2. thanks for the heads up.. time to cut some barels to make em the 7.5 KwK's

  3. I was thinking of going to Game Summit. All I've got EW/MW desert Brits - how likely is it that I'd find a pick up game?

  4. During the Flames of War tourney or after it might not be great chance to get a game. But the day before or after I'm sure someone will be there with an army. Post it up on the forums and try to arrange one.

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  6. Ugh.. sort of makes me want to redo my Germans. The drybrush approach just looks so sharp.


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