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AAR 62, US Para's vs Beute StuG Abteilung

(above) Table set up at the CLGS. The terrain is my new desert scenery, so its out of place for LW but what can you do!

Mike_A and I scheduled up a game at the store, given that we both work nearby, but we had to get in before it filled up with the Malifaux/Infinity guys apparently. The Magic guys were in the other room. They need a Narnia room like up in Petawawa! Mike is running gorgeous US Para's on KK bases, and I am running my all light armor Beute StuG Abteilung, 1500 points practice for Game Summit which is in 3 weeks. We played Free For All.

(above) good thing I brought terrain, because NO JOKE this is what the Infinity ( I think it was that game) was using.. If youre going to use dollar store models, at least paint them!

Next 3 pics of Mike's awesome Para's

My setup on the left flank meant I was going to initially rush forwards, but all game I was trying to take out the 6 x 105mms, and to the end I couldnt get them below 3 guns.

Meanwhile, the real action occured on this hill, where he moved up a unit, I moved up my GPGrens, and in a hideous assault, I pin him, assault, kill 2, he swings back, and I fail 4 of 4 saves, and fall back! He later crushes the rest of them and is now advancing on my LuftWaffe 88's and Panzerwerfers!

I had to move assets over from my left flank to MG and direct fire to whittle them down. Here in this pic you can see my horseshoe-of-doom.

Not much left now, but I had wiped out one small platoon, he pulled back one, and he had one platoon, so it was as draw going in to the final turns.. The platoon in the town there is going to try and bazooka my one remaining StuG 39H and grab a second platoon kill!

Sadly, he only bailed it, and all I had to do was wipe out 4 stands with my entire army for the extra platoon kill.... However, they were wise to bring their own brick walls, as he made every save! Lame that it ended this way, but the game was great, and it was nice to play someone I haven't played before, especially to tune up my list! It was incredible the amount of guys I killed, but only the 1 platoon counts, and he killed all my infantry and only a smattering of vehicles to pull out the draw

My list was:
HQ StuG39h
3 x StuG 39H (Pak40s on Hotchkiss)
3 x StuG 39H
4 x StuH 39H (10.5cm Arty on a Hotchkiss)
3 x L37 15cm SP Arty 'Schleppers'
3 x Panzerwerfers plus crew on Somua's
2 x Luftwaffe 88's no crew
1 GP Grenadiers in french halftracks (unreliable)

Mike, post your list if you read this in the comments below! I know he had roughly engineers, men, men, HMGs, 57mm AT (aka 6pdrs) and his Arty.

Thanks again for the game.


  1. So its the StuGs for summit then, god i hope we don't play FFA, it's so boring. I would be interested in seeing Mikes list since i don't know of a single US list that gets 6x M2A1 105mms

  2. Sure here is the list I used:

    US Parachute Rifle Company (Hell's Highway)

    HQ + 3 Bazookas 90

    2x Rifle Company 350 Each
    3 Squads + Extra Teams + SMG Cmd

    Machine gun Platoon 105
    4x LMGs

    Airborne Engineer Platoon 280
    2x Operating Squads 2 Bazookas Supply Cart

    Airborne Anti-Tank Platoon 155
    4x 57mm guns

    Glider Field Artillery Battery (CT) 165
    6x 105mm Light Howitzers

    I have since modified it by dropping 1 57mm gun and adding in James Gavin, and by swapping the supply cart of a third bazooka in the engineer platoon.

    I tried Gavin in a few games on Saturday and it seems to be a decent trade, worthwhile just to have the second CiC.



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