27 January, 2012

Road to Paris Part 2

Super quick update, today I spray primed one infantry unit, that unit's halftracks, and the M7 Priest objective. But more importantly, I figured out my scheme, which is US uniforms with the khaki shirts and brown pants rather than all green (I saw pics of the French guys in these colors) and figured the Croix de Lorraine on their helmets, and they had French flags sewn on the upper sleeves.

This is more for my future reference, but I used a black spray coat. Basing is Charadon Granite (GW), then Khemri Brown (GW), then German Camo Beige (VMC) and any blocks are Astronicon grey (GW)

Guys are Uniform Brown (Reaper) for pants, Kommando Khaki(GW) for shirts, Brown Violet (VMC) for helmets. Ghoul Green (Reaper) (its my go-to highlight for Feldgrau) for webbing and gaitors, Chocolate Brown (VMC) for boots, Tallarn Flesh (GW) for skin tones, Beige Brown (VMC for gun butts and barrels. Hit it with a Ogryn Flesh (GW) wash, the rehighlight the helemts in Violet Brown, and hit the metal gun pieces with Blackened Steel (VMC)

Side shot of sleeve flags.

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