01 February, 2011

FoW AAR 11: Sov's vs Germans

(above) Marder's Guard a flank in the best spot: Straddling a forest edge, so they are concealed.

Overview of the map, the Russians are charging up the center towards objectives..

Losing many men to the MG42's in the woods near to the Marders. Unfortunately, the first IL-2 bombing run fails to range in on the Germans at all.. too bad, they were clustered together nicely...

After getting the Strelkovy's unpinned, the 2nd Russian bombing run spots halftracks that have Stormtrooper-moved really close to an objective...
..And this time the ranging in is perfect.. massive casualties ensue
Russians make it to this objective near the crashed plane and burnt out building.. Video Below to finish out. Enjoy

1 comment:

  1. Nice job! Question for Alex though - did you consider Marder III Hs over the IIs, and if so what was the deciding factor on going with the IIs?


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