03 February, 2011

FoW AAR 13: Canadians vs Desert Rats

(Above) Overview of the map. The Royal Canadian Artillery decided to park behind the huge hill, and my Priests deploy behind the small forest. First of many Huge MistakesTM is made here. My Priests have shorter range than his guns, so he can hit me with impunity.

As evidenced here, wih my Shermans who are trying to rectify Huge MistakeTM #2, don't leave an objective open to a sherman rush with nothing to contest, thinking reserves come in turn 1 (Turn 3 really) and that you can pick where they come in (Scattered Reserves) and that your RAF and Arty can demolish them since if they move on the double, they get hit twice( They don't) READ THE MISSION PROPERLY NEXT TIME haha

My shermans from the above pic actually survived long enough to get into the Canadian Artillery park and harass. However, Huge MistakeTM #3: Don't stay in trucks if you don't have to, as the survivors of this arty barrage fled the field, forcing me into compay morale checks

Huge MistakeTM #4 and weird situation: Turn hull mounted MGs to face potential assaults!!

Video Rules question:

And lastly, the full Video AAR vs Drew's Canuckleheads..speaking of, check out Drew's excellent shots of this game on his FoW blog, Covering Fire: http://covering-fire.blogspot.com/2011/01/upstart-colonials.html

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