19 February, 2011

GameSummit 2011, Friday Feb 18th "UKRAINE NOT WEAK!"

Communist Party Official building!

Well, another GameSummit is upon us, all the hard work of painting 2 FoW armies and terrain and so on has paid off.. Here are some shots of the FoW demo table that I'll be running with my 8th army Brits vs 21.Panzers, and the HUGE Ukraine table for tomorrow's massive 3000 pt per side Soviets v Germans. Not pictured: Beer... Beer is available at the Steve Yzerman Sportsplex.. HUZZAH!

Video below has all sorts of other shots of the event on the quiet night before the main days (Sat and Sunday) and of my terrible selection of beer..


  1. Thanks, though Brett deserves credit, he did the urban half, I did the farm zone.


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