30 January, 2011

FoW AAR 10: Team America vs Team Tigers

Well well, what have we here coming into town?
Marty graces us with his presence for an afternoon FoW battle vs Alex's hastily assembled Germans.. If you'll recall, 2 weeks ago he participated in his first game, and now he gets to use his own stuff.. all 7 models of it.

(above) Here we have the main layout, Mission was Free For All, you can see the King Tiger model is the tiger HQ on the hill, another Tiger to its left, one near the main town, and 4 Panzerknacker armed stands guarding the town objective. Marty's Americans have fast movers coming down the left flank there, with the M10 Jeeps waiting for the perfect time to remove the tarps from the 4 Wolverines..

Marty's Shermans wisely stay in the trees, out of LOS to the Tiger coming down Haupt Strasse.. 40 inch range is very far, and all 3 Tiger's rolled 3 ROF skill.

Above: The center ground between the two hamlets is covered by a Tiger and HQ (King) Tiger, which is on the bluffs, in the shadow of the Blackthorn Cider-sponsored grain silo!

Marty's Rifle Half Tracks cozy up the hamlet, trying to stay concealed from the (barely visible) gun barrel of the Tiger in the town across the field..

Marty's Rifles

Marty's M10s spring a trap on the Tiger moving to claim an objective.. the Rifles had to also break cover to contest it or lose.. would 5 bazooka teams plus 4 Wolverines be enough to stop the german armor? Video Below

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