12 February, 2011

Hobby Day

Well with Gamesummit a week away, we have stuff to paint, and we did just that.

Here is some stuff we worked on, then Brett's new unpainted Berlin terrain, then the state of my Germans......


  1. I think Brett can spare me my buildings back, he has a couple others :)

    I need em for my own (lacking) terrain collection, that said I do have a bunch more now and a table being picked up on tuesday!

  2. Swing the camera more! You accidentally stayed still once or twice! SWING IT AROUND MORE!!

  3. Some of the better FoW painting stuff that I've seen. Are you guys doing MW or LW?

  4. right now were doing mid war, though my germans are late war. Id pick up Tigers for them, but the 21st didnt have any, so I'll have to buy a few panzer grenadiers boxes to make up points for Midwar.

    Late war I can use my 7 Stug39Hs, so its good to go.

  5. Did some reading up on FoW -- from what I can tell the Panzer lists are the SMs of the game; which makes Tigers the equivalent of Land Raiders? :)

    From battle reports I've seen so far; I'm digging the Epic-like mobility.

  6. WAit... Brett giving someone a hard time (for not painting the undersides of your StuGs?!?! BRETT?!?! noooooo.... not possible! :)


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