15 February, 2011

FoW Antenna Tutorial

"Can you hear me now, over?"

Here is a close up shot of the Sherman III's with their new antennas. The key is what to use for the antenna.. I didt want to use brass rod, as any pressure would likely snapo it, or worse, snap and damage the resin model. Plastic thin rod isnt flexible enough. However, clothing tag ties from a dept store work perfectly, they have some bend to them, are thin enough, and are plentiful (ask for a handful)

Video below as well..


  1. Nice idea using the tag ties. Antennas really make 15mm tanks kind of pop, I think it is kind of like basing, a great base makes a mediocre mini look great. an antenna is so rarely seen on these models that it really helps them stand out from the crowd.

  2. Awesome idea! I tried the brass rod - it snaps too easily with packing. I will have to snag some of those ties off you!

  3. Ties work. So do bristles from a cheap black broom - like you would have in a garage.

  4. glad i don't have to worry about antennas, go ussr!

  5. Matt Varnish- had a couple of questions for you regarding this article, but can't find your contact info.

    Please drop me a line at sodoffdethtron at gmail dot com to discuss matters most vague....

    dig the idea, by the way...


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