13 January, 2011

'There is no Shelter, from the Steel Rain'

So, as the title suggests, I have got my hands on some artillery, in the form of 4 Sextons and 2 priests. For now, I am using them as 6 x Priests from the Royal Horse Artillery, for much needed fiepower. I acquired the Sextons in a trade with Spanky100, for my Chaos Dwarf converted WFB army, he had 2 late war FoW army boxe sets: the British 7th Armoured and the 21. Panzer Division, "Rommel's Zirkus" of looted vehicles. I have ordered 2 more regular priests to make an even 4 priests, but can add in the 4 sextons 'count-as' when I want to get saucy with artillery.

I aso finally finished with all the little details, the game winning 2IC and his trusty Carrier, plus the Recon Squadron, painted in the proper 51st HD markings. I think they look great, but it was very time consuming to get everything done, like the bog-down gear on the back, the machine gun ammo boxes, etc. Pics below.


  1. They look awesome Den, what all did you get in the deal from Spanky?

  2. I got the 7th Armoured late war box set (2 cromwell units, cromwell command, 4 sextons, motor platoon) and the 21. PanzerDivision box set, the looted tank division with a tonne of stoff captured from France in 1940. So weird looking artillery (Lorraine Schleppers x 6) and open topped assault guns mounted on Stug hulls (X6 + command) a P/Grenadier unit in french halftracks and a recon platoon.

    So I am lending some of the german stuff to Alex for Gamesummit for his Germans, and my mid war army now has a 3rd unit of Crusaders (AA Crusaders from late war, I have spare barrel) 3 shermans, and more arty. Pretty good haul.


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