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The British Are Coming!!... along nicely that is.

Overall shot of my progress.. thinking of switching to Motor Company from my usual Rifle Company lists.

Close up of the infantry stands of my Motor Rifle Platoon

HQ Command Unit, now with the 2IC Bagpiper model, and the staff jeep and Morris Truck (Motor Company, they need rides) The canvas-topped jeep is from my late war 7th Armoured box set, I think it looks awesome as the HQ jeep..

Last but no least are some shots of my Sherman III's.. Due to a really bad primer job, these models took 4 hours to paint.. the detail was mainly painted on. Also, I don't use decals, so the Desert Rats on the fenders are hand painted as well as the unit numbers.

Here is the list I plan on bringing to Game Summit:

British Motor Company, Italy, 1500 points

HQ: Company Command, Company 2IC, staff Jeep, staff Morris 15CWT Truck 35 points

Combat Platoons:

Motor Rifle Platoon: Command MG/rifle, Morris truck, PIAT
2 MG/rifle stands, CMP 3 Tonne truck
2 MG/rifle stands, CMP 3 Tonne truck 155 points
Motor Rifle Platoon: Command MG/rifle, Morris truck, PIAT
2 MG/rifle stands, CMP 3 Tonne truck
2 MG/rifle stands, CMP 3 Tonne truck 155 points
Recon Platoon: 1 squadron of Recce Carriers, with extra MG: 105 points

Weapon Platoon: Motor Anti-Tank, 4 x 6pdr Portees, Command Rifle, Jeep: 185 points

Support Platoons: Royal Armoured Corps 3 x Sherman III's with MGs: 450 points

Royal Horse Artillery, SP: 4 Priests, 1 Observer and troop command rifle, OP Carrier, Staff team, battery command, OP Carrier: 355 points

At this point I am at 1340 points. I have 3 options from here to 1500..

Option A: HMG platoon, 2 sections, command rifle, jeep: 130 points
Add 3 inch Mortar from HQ with mortar carrier: 30 points TOTAL: 1500

Option B: Add one more Motor Rifle Platoon, exactly as above, 155 points, 1500 Total

Option C: Make the Shermans Canadian, add 2nd gun troop of 4 more priests.. 1495 total

I am painting the things above the option line at the moment, the easiest for me painting wise would be 4 extra Priests, but wit so many Russian infantry armies out there, plus Drew's infantry heavy Canucks, the HMGs make sense too.. we shall see.

It looks like I can't make it to Friday gaming, so have fun boys, and I'll play next week instead


  1. for option C, you can't make them Canadian, you have to use all the same army, so if you are doing 8th you have to use all the 8th prices. The only exception to this rule is if you doing a commonwealth and the divisonal support is all 8th so you have to take 8th. You cant mix and match countries to save points. Also in the flow chart list of units if there is a commonwealth symbol next to that choice only that commonwealth can take it.

  2. At the top of page 125 of North Africa it says in the example blurb that any 8th army can take Canadian tanks for XX points, blah blah.. so from that I assumed that you cannot mix forces, IE, have Indian infantry and Canadian tanks, but that you cold choose one commonwealth option apart from generic 8th army units..

  3. ah, cool, but remember that if you do take them as canadians they are the rating of the canadians, they dont magically become the same training as the british so they would be confident trained insted of con vets


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