16 January, 2011

FoW AAR: British 51st HD v Soviets

(abiove) Overview of map, with a hamlet mid left, small creek down the middle right

(above) new units in my army for this one: 6 pdr portees, I also played with Priests for the first time.. however the hamlet proved to be a killing ground in this battle..

Brett had my Crusaders, Portees all killed in the hamlet, so I had to gun for the eastern objective, guarded by 5 T70s and some "mystery" infantry...

(above) In this side shot, you can see my 3 black Sherman III's moving up the farmers field towards the objective

I should have remembered that these half painted guys from last week were pioneers.. so when my 3 shermans tank assalted them and killed 2 stands, they Countered, killing all 3 tanks. With my Recce unit all bailed and the othe platoons dead, my 1IC decided to fold by rolling a 1 for Company Morale!!! Great game, video is below.

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