07 January, 2011

For King and Country!

Well, got finally settled on a paint scheme for my Brits.. in the end I stuck with the classic desert look, but made it nice and dark so it fits into Sicily/Italy.

Infantry Color Scheme:
Khemri over everything but gun and skin
Tallarn over skin
Calthan over gun
Devlan Mud wash over whole model
Kommando Khaki for socks, helmet, webbing, backpack
Reaper Chestnut Brown for rifle
Boltgun and chainmail for metal parts

Vehicle Color scheme:
Khemri over everything
Desert Yellow for main, Adeptus for camo
Bleached Bone heavy drybrush over Desert yellow, lighter dusting over grey
Devlan Mud over whole model
Boltgun for exhausts, machine guns, etc

I think they are looking good, I am doing the 51st Highland Division, also dubbed the "Highway Decorators" for painting their HD symbol everyhere they went. This is red over blue square, and is on the left shoulder as a blue dot, and is on the fender of the Lorry. The tanks attached to the 51st were the 2nd Derbyshire Yeomanry, and so they have the Desert Rats symbol from the 7th armored brigade on their fenders.

Gotta paint up the rest of the 2IC stand tonite, as well as the unit of MG Carriers that took me to victory vs Lothlann's Sov's last week!

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  1. Lookin' good, Den!

    While it was on sale at MiniWarGaming, I cashed in my points for a free Open Fire! starter set, so I might just give this little game a shot.


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