28 January, 2011

Flames of War Escalation league

The Drunken Gamers of Ottawa are starting a Flames of War Escalation league!

With Flames of War picking up steam, all of us busily working away on terrain/armies, and more people showing interest every week. This is a GREAT time to start one!

Some of my inspiration comes from HERE  

We will start out small, say 600 points, 1 HQ and 1 combat platoon minimum, and grow from there. This will encourage painting (which we are all pretty good at already) for newer players, and make all our games look awesome with always playing with painted stuff. It will also encourage small, faster, simpler games for use to really learn the nuances of the rules and tactics of this awesome game. It also allows us to keep playing regularly, and not burn out on trying to get loads done asap. Again, we can even encourage people to bring new players to test it out, knowing that games will be smaller and easier to "demo" weekly if needed.

I'm thinking we will have 3 stages, each of 4 weeks starting with 600 points, then 1000, then 1500. That gives people a month to paint roughly 500 point blocks of models, so we can work on other things (if we want) and still progress.

We can also be setting certain pre-determined scenarios for each point bracket, so as to ease the list building and make the games link together like a campaign. Each player will have to play as many different opponents as possible. I would also like to cap it off with a round robin tourney over the course of a Sat or Sun and the end!

I'm looking to kick things off in the next week or two so stay tuned to this space (keyword "Escalation League") to see people's progress and lists!



  1. Sounds awesome. Got the Open Fire kit recently - though I'll be moving in February. Where are you guys holding the games/tournaments?

  2. I'm working through my Germans... got some pics over at my painting blog. I want to build lists for both mid and late war.

    Right now I have 600pts done (took me about a week, though to be fair the building and some of the priming/basing was already complete).

    I think I can get another 400 done in February, but March might be tricky, so I may try and get a full 900pts done in a month. Ugh...

    So.. when's the first 600pt league game gonna be held?

  3. Escalation League will be starting right after Game Summit - so March 1 people need to get their 600 point initial army lists in.

    Tons of time mate, no worries!

  4. Schweet! I am going to try and make it up to Ottawa in March for a game then!


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