19 January, 2011

4th Fow AAR from last week: Germans v Canadians

(above) Stage is set for Germans trying to Breathrough the Canadians.. German objective quarter is top left of map.

(above) Drew's Sherman III's of the Canadian Armored Corps, look great! Too bad they are facing the wrong way (check video)

(above) Tristan's Panzers, Kampfgrupped with a command panzer with shutzen

(above) Drew had an 8 gun battery spotters and Vickers teams overlooking the objective quarter from this hilltop.

(above)Commonwealth troopers doing what they do best: Sip tea in town in the middle of battle!

(above) This window is a popular spot for Artillery observer teams...

.. calling in devastating 'murders' onto the german tanks.

(above) The plucky Canadians repulse assault after assault from the german tanks to hold the objective. In the end, the Panzer Grenadier make a final push for the objective, but they will need to make a Stormtrooper move to pull off the win... Video Below

So: Instead of cramming multiple AAR's into one post, I've spread the love and added pics and commentary.. is this better for everyone>?

Tomorrow I will post my progress painting my Dessert Rats! (They like cake)


  1. Great work on the reports! Can't wait to see your progress shots!

  2. I totally dig this format and will be doing the same for my battle reports. Great Job Matt!


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