31 August, 2009

Game Summit Weekend

What a great time!

Before leaving Sunday morning, I switched up my list a little, dropping the Farseer for an Autarch, and adding a 2nd Vyper. Registration was at 9am, with game 1 starting at 10am. Here is a quick recap of my games.

Game 1 vs Tau ("Nate").

What a nice army. Period. Awesome paint scheme and well painted. Had a total of I think 17 crisis suits, and one devilfish. Game was Dawn of War deployment and Annihilation, pretty straight forward. The issue for me, being my sneaky self, was the table. Shy of 2 buildings, it was devoid of anything that blocked line of site. Needless to say, the Tau thrived in this environment, with my tanks being "lite up" with markers every turn and my troops bravely doing their best to stay alive. The game went a full 5 turns, and was really gun, despite my loss of 6-3 in Kill points. Overall was still a fun game.

Game 2 vs Imperial Guard ("Lt. Walke")

Tanks, tanks, tanks and more tanks. Basically an armored company squished into the new guard codex. His fully converted and lovingly painted army consisted of 3 Leman Russ, a Demolisher, a Hellhound, Basilisk, 2 veteran squads in Chimeras, and some tank with super-special auto cannons that looked really sweet, can't remember the name. The mission was a tourney special, kind of a mix of Capture and Control and table quarters. Basically, one objective in the dead center to capture along with securing table quarters. "Lt. Walke" went first, and proceeded to "circle the wagons" around the central objective, thus contesting all 4 table quarters at the same time. Try as I might (and with only 2 bright lances in my force) I was only able to stun/shake most tanks, and destroy the weapon on the Hellhound. I did manage to contest all 4 quarters, and on the last turn forced his one remaining "scoring" troop unit to take a panic test, but they PASSED on leadership 7!! "Lt. Walke" pulled out a solid with even though I contested all 4 quarters, and we were laughing and joking the whole game through. A well played game and a blast for sure, despite my loss.

Game 3 vs Alpha Legion ("Anoobis")

What a gorgeous army. Subtle paint scheme, "chosen" unit painted to mimic ultramarines, and a great composition. The mission was Capture and Control, with Spear head deployment. Chaos went first and parked a Predator, tactical squad and Vindicator on the objective in his table quarter and then rushed up a Rhine and Land Raider (each with troops inside) towards the objective on my side. He also saw his terminators come in on turn 2 and deep strike close to my objective. The ensuing firefight was really back and forth, with the game hanging in the balance for a couple turns. I will state right now that his Land Raider was the star of the show, brushing off bright lances, pulse lasers and Fire Dragons to allow him to contest my objective. I did get a vyper in to contest his, but Anoobis was a smart general and pulled out the victory. We had a blast, playing the game and admiring our units lack of ability at times. Props to Anoobis for the balanced and fun Chaos Marine list to play against - no crazy lashes etc here.

So, 3 games down and 3 losses. Not shaping up to take the "Best General" prize home, but I was thoroughly enjoying myself and all the games. Maybe it was luck, or a testament to the Ottawa Gaming community, but I had yet to play any "beardy/cheesey" lists or players. On to game 4!

Game 4 vs Blood Ravens ("Missing Link")

BEST GAME OF THE DAY. I don't know what happened with this game, but damn was it awesome. Scenario was simple, Spear head deployment and 2 objectives placed in the center of the opposing quarters - combined with Annihilation. "Missing Link" had what can only be called a perfect example of a marine army. 2 Tactical in rhinos, a pair of Predators, 2 Dreadnoughts, and a command squad in a Razorback. Oh, and as we noticed AFTER the game, his list included a 10 man Assault squad that he had "forgotten" in his case ALL DAY - He hadn't fielded in in any matches, basically playing -250pts all day. When we discovered this, his face went as red as his power armor for a good 30 minutes, and much laughing and kidding ensued.

But to the game. Where do I start. I couldn't hit a thing. On one turn, for example, I fired every strength 8 or better weapon I had ( 2x Bright lance, 2x EML, 2x Pulse laser, Fire Prism ) at his one dreadnought and all I was able to do was immobilize it. CRAZY. My only consolation was that the Blood Ravens seemed to have picked up on the ineptitude of my force, and decided to one-up me by missing just as much - if not more! We had a memorable combat around on objective, with a storm guardian squad accompanied by my Autarch lasting 4 round of combat against a tactical squad and his command squad before succumbing. We were laughing so much that the outcome of the game never really seemed to matter. I did manage to squeeze out a victory, only by "Missing Link" failing a morale test on a tactical squad and it fleeing on the bottom of turn 6, so it didn't count as contesting. So, finally, in game 4, I won.

What a great day and great set of games. All my opponents were stellar players, and supreme sportsman. I thoroughly enjoyed the great tables and fully painted armies on them. I also managed to walk away with the "Best Sportsman" award - and some Phat Loot! A 10 man tactical squad, that may just be the start of a new Chaos Marine army, we'll see. I have loads of bikes to paint still.....but that's another story. Please check out the event at http://gamesummit.ca . It was really well run and a great time for all sorts of gamers. There is a winter one scheduled - so check it out. Photos of the event are up at http://www.flickr.com/photos/gamesummit/ also so check them out.

Till next time...

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