20 November, 2009

1250pt Test game against Nids!

So, I went to the local (read: Ottawa) Games Workshop for a couple test games at 1250pts for the upcoming tournament this Sunday, and I got 2 great games in. I only have photos of the 1st, against Matt Varnish's Tyranids. It consists of a Hive Tyrant, endless swarm (10) of termagaunts, 2 melee Carnifex, and 3 x 10 Outflanking Genestealers. Needles to say, a tough list (see my list a couple posts back). Here is what the armies looked liked at the start.

Matt Varnish's Tyranids

My Emperor's Children

The table was setup as per the upcoming tournament - meaning 4'x4'. It looked like this:

I must say the tables are stellar at my local Games Workshop. Now, how did the game go? Lets just say that Dawn of War deployment + 30 outflanking Genestealers = Noise Marines without much to shoot at - so my marines quickly wiped out the termagaunts and got stuck in with the Hive Tyrant. My terminators came in turn 2 nicely beside my marines, due to the personal icon - I love not having to worry about deep strike scatter!

Now, what proceeded to happen over the next 4 turns was my 8 man Noise Marine unit keeping the Tyrant busy, while the vindicator and terminators wiped out one Genestealer unit, and the other 2 Genestealer units ate my 2 small 5 man units. They then came after the terminators to prevent the coming to the aid of the Noise Marine squad, however the BEST moment of the game came when 10 stealers assaulted my 5 marines a didn't kill a single man!:


Matt Varnish pulled out a win on the bottom of turn six with 1 lone genestealer left hold an objective - 1! Really close game that was a blast to play and had some hilarious moments - Thanks to Matt Varnish for another great game - Stay tuned for coverage of the upcoming Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign

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