12 December, 2009

1st Video Battle Report - Night Lords vs Elysian Imperial Guard

Here is the promised video battle report for the game played last night between Matt Varnish and Joyous Oblivion - Matt's Night Lords (Pre-Heresy) and Joy's Elysian Imperial Guard. Check it out!

Expect more like this to come!

*** Thanks to Matt Varnish for the footage. A detailed battle report is right below! ***


  1. Man, I sound so uninspired in this.. is this how i always sound? haha To be fair, Ca$h's kid was asleep so I was trying to be quiet :)

  2. Really nice armies especially the pre-hersey dreadnoughts. What models did you use for them?
    Great table also very jealous I'm stuck using the tables at GW bayshore =(

  3. HAH well, first off, most of the terrain used to be AT GW Bayshore.. i had painted it/built it years ago, and got them back.

    The pre heresy dreads are converted from the rtb01 dreads, had to hack off the faces with the hobby Choppa, added a plastic terminator head (who knew the rotate-waist Termies would be useful!) and a chopped up business card for the collar. The shoulder pads are plasticard, then for the rivets, its the dried white glue method.

    I hated the angry faced old dreads, and wanted them to look like the horus heresy art book style..


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