14 November, 2009

New Table has arrived!

So, my "Xmas" gift from my wife arrived today, and I set it up in the dining room (rather than take out both folding table and put it up in the basement where I plan to use it) to see what it looked like. I must say for $75 USD, I don't think I could make anything better. On top of that, it tears down to a 2'x2' x 6inch stack, so it's really easy to store ie. keep out of my little one's hands. Anyways here are some pics!

It is rubberized flock and sand, and it hardly shed any when taking it out of the box, he mentioned a little may come off over time, but not much - and it seems to be true so far.


  1. Looks good, where'd you get it? I'm planning flocked felt over playmat foam hills, but may just end up getting something like this.

  2. Check it out at www.theterrainguy.com


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