09 November, 2009

1250pt List for upcoming Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign

So with the upcoming Return to Locara: Tournament & Campaign I am putting together a 1250pt list. Here is my list so far. Keep in mind I have play tested it 4 times, and it started out very differently. I had the Sorcerer in with the terminators (in termy armor) originally, and also had the CSM as a 10 man. Splitting them and removing the armor on the Sorcerer allows the Sorcerer to join any squad and give me another possible scoring unit. I have also been contemplating taking 2 more Obliterators in exchange for the Vindicator, but it has proven its worth in about 50% of the games (kill points wise) and has been a HUGE distraction/target in all the games. I'm really torn as to which is best. I plan to reserve the Vindicator always, because it can move on and shoot, and the Terminators will be deep striking because I have Icons on two units, so I won't have to worry about scatter.

Here is the list so far:


Chaos Sorcerer – Mark of Slaanesh, Lash of Submission – 125pts


Noise Marines x5 – Sonic Blasters x 4, Blastmaster x 1, Personal Icon – 165pts

Noise Marines x8 – Sonic Blasters x 7, Noise Champion w/ Power Weapon and Doom Siren, Personal Icon, Mounted in Rhino – 280pts

Chaos Space Marines x5 – Melta Gun, Icon of Slaanesh, Aspiring Champion w/ Power weapon, Mounted in Rhino – 175pts

Chaos Space Marines x5 – Plasma Gun – 90pts


Chaos Terminators x5 – Icon of Slaanesh, Heavy Flamer, Chain Fist x1, Power Fist x1, Combi-Melta x1 - 195pts


Vindicator w/ Demonic Possession– 145pts

Obliterator x1 – 75pts


With 5 points free, I could give the other Noise Marine squad a personal icon too - I guess I can add that now. *EDIT*

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