17 November, 2009

Back at it.

So, I haven't painted a fig in over a week, and not due to a lack of motivation. With the "Return to Locara" (http://gamesummit.ca/forum/viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2770)campaign and tournament kicking off this coming Sunday, I have plenty. Thing is, I have been down and out with a severe cold, not to mention my wife having laser eye surgery and all that it entails when she is healing up. I have less than a week to complete my 1250pt list, and to do so I need to paint up 1) Slaanesh Sorcerer in power armor (I converted him up from bits I already had) 2) 1 custom built Obliterator and 3) my Vindicator tank. Doesn't seem like a ton, and I am pleased that I have painted the rest over the past month, but time is limited. I only paint once the little one is in bed, so I can only commit to a couple hours a night. I estimate I will need at least 8 hours to complete the 3 models to a tabletop standard, saving fine details for afterward. I will post a couple picks of the sorcerer and obliterator tonight, prior to priming them so I can show everyone the conversion and "green-stuff" work. It will also serve as a reminder and point of reference for the remaining obliterators I plan to make.

I am looking forward to the tournament this Sunday. I have a freshly painted army, and the venue seems to be great - lunch is even provided at Pub 101! Nice touch there, as ordered in pizza and soda is old. I will have to keep going with my slaanesh marines, because the winter Game Summit ( www.gamesummit.ca ) is coming in soon, and the army will need to be up to 1750pts for then. As for what I will add to get the army up to 1750pts - I'm planning on getting up to 3 obliterators, fleshing out the troops a little more, and adding either a landraider OR a 10 man Raptor unit. Not sure which at this point. Anyways, expect some pics updated tonight. Till then....

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