24 November, 2009

Locara Tournament results

So, I promised to post about the tourney results so here it is. I actually won "Best Overall". Seriously! With my new Slaanesh marines! To say that I am stoked over it is an understatement - and it is fueling my desire to get my army painted up to 1750pts ASAP. There is talk of another tourney in February, and another in March - so there is motivation for you! Anyways, Ill keep the games brief, here we go.

GAME 1 vs Ultramarines - Played by "Manidow"

This was a tight 5 turn game with saw my noise marines actually hitting consistently and the pair of obliterators doing their duty and keeping both dreadnoughts busy. In fact, they popped the Ironclad as soon as it's pod landed. I won on the bottom of turn 5 by holding my objective and contesting his. Stellar army and great general to play against - very enjoyable game.

Game 2 vs Grey Knights - Played by "Tadao"

As you can see, apart from one Grey Knight unit and the stormtroopers, the whole army deep striked into my lines. I proceeded to focus fire on each unit and wipe them out, the Doom Sirens really coming to the fore here. The star of the game was Tadao's Brother Captain, who held up one whole unit and my Sorcerer for 3 full turns by making his "Bionics" roll two turns in a roll to stand back up and keep fighting. I ended up wiping his army from the board, but there was a lot of laughing and it was fun to see it through. Tadao's is working on a land raider for his terminators - I look forward to seeing it on the table.

Game 3 vs Imperial Guard (Royal Cadian Regiment) - Played by RKelly

Fully custom scratch built vehicles (NOT based on kits) and painted up to reflect the current Canadian troops in Afghanistan, this army is beautiful. It was so nice that it was almost distracting to play against! This was my one draw of the day, and it ended with us each holding our own objectives. We only managed to get in 3 turns, so it wasn't a true test of either of our armies, so it could have gone either way. I look forward to playing against this army again soon! Another great game - 3 for 3 !

Game 4 (Final) vs Dark Angel Successors - Played by Grumblebunny

So my final game went 6 turns and again the combination of lashing units close and bunching them up, followed by 1 or 2 Doom Siren attacks really cleared the power armor from the board. That allowed me to remove his main threat, his 10man assault unit with chaplain and one tactical off two objectives allowing me to hold 3 and him 1. That wrapped up my games, leaving me at 3-0-1. No complaints here, and every opponent was a great guy to play against - and I hope to do so soon. I ended up winning the 40k basing kit, so I plan to put that towards a land raider for my army.

More pics of the tournament are available HERE

This week I hope to get started on some of my terrain for my new table, and of course I will track my progress here.

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