20 December, 2009

Traitor Guard!!

This is my first post as well as of the first tanks to roll out of the traitor factories located on Los Deimos since the army turned to chaos.

Front shot of one of the three chimeras, this is Al`Rahem`s chimera with multi laser and heavy flamer, his ability to force your platoon to outflank is fantastic especially on a 4x4 table.

same chimera side view, i didn't put on the side plate instead put on my own plastic card ones with a chaos symbol on it.

This is one of the three hell hounds I own of the new models, so far only 2 painted, i have a few of the old ones that I'm now using as chimeras with heavy flamers. This one is a devil dog with heavy flamer both guns are magnetic so i can change them out any time. My other is a bane wolf with multi melta they are grouped together, i figure early on before there in flamer range they can shoot at tanks with there multi meltas.

I have 2 more of these bad boys ready to paint, i left the guns tilt able so i can raise them and use the models as colossus if i want since I already have a few griffons. One I'm modeling up to have the bastion rounds simply by putting larger rounds inside the tank, I have yet to model up the crew I'm going to do them separately and put them in place after the tank is painted.


  1. You know Chris, since you are chaos and all now, maybe a few healthy doses of Badab Black is what is needed to grime up your vehicles.. it would do wonders on all them rivets..

  2. That or use Ogryn Wash and do "spots" of rust here and there....but its looking awesome and I'm stoked you have committed to the "true" path!

  3. The Chimera looks great Chris, should copy that scheme onto your Vendettas IMO.


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