03 September, 2011

Friday Night Fights AAR 38

Brent, aka Tickron, decided to give this thing we call Flames of War a try after playing a tonne of World of Tanks as Russians. Brett aka Pripyat, helps him out vs my 21 Panzer list from the previous post. Here is his first tank, a Zvezda plastic T-26. The color scheme is good, I like the weathering effect of it.. just needs red stars

They ran:
10 T34s, half were '85mm guns
Full Strelkovy (Confident Trained)
Slightly smaller Strelkovy (CT)
ZiS-3 battery
5 T-70s

I had:
Command Panzerfausts in halftracks
2 units of full Gepanzertes in Halftracks, with Panzerfaust and 2.7 cm gun upgrades
3 Lorraine L37 15cm Howitzers plus halftrack upgrade
3 Panzerwerfers with Extra Crew
2 '88 Guns with extra crew
Panzer VIB aka KingTiger

Pics and Video after the break.  Klick Herr

Te soviet side sees the ZiS-3 observer on the roof of the factory in the foreground, with a tonne of infantry about to do the march to retake the ruined village my Panzer grenadiers were defending.

My PanzerGrenadiers.. the others in the town aren't painted so, the ones in the fields will have to do!

Video of the game plus we discuss a bit afterwards. Hope you enjoy.

For any Starcraft2 players out there.. there was a good concave in this game, the Horseshoe of Doom.


  1. That was a Mechanized List. It was not my first choice to use and it was made with the models what weren't being used in my first choice.

    Since it was a Mechanized list it has some major disadvantages but lets you take 2 Tank Co. It has no Flamethrowers. It has no Sapper HQs. It could take 2 units of 5 T-34s but then you lose 195 pts for doing that and can't take the T-70s.

    The Zis-3s were not great. They were there for AT but against a King Tiger....

  2. Another new member in the TTT? Your club is growing! Great looking tables as always; looks like it was a fun night!


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