03 September, 2011

For the Motherland: Soviet Reinforcements!

Got some new models painted up.  Have 3 more IS-2s to do if I have the desire to run the Guards Heavy List.  After that some T-70s, Su-85s and maybe some Heavy Assault Guns.  Su-100s or ISU-122s?

Guards Heavy HQ (Does the Su-57 driver look scared?)
 More pics...

IS-2 and Tank Killers

Su-57s (American Half-tracks with US 57mm Cannon; ROF 3 Baby)

In case I can't take just 85s, 6 T-34s to mix on in.

HQ with Soviet camo??  Who knew?

Matt Varnish's shell-cam view as his SP Arty ranges in.

1 comment:

  1. Very nice results!

    I have started the same project as you but took a completely different road.



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