03 September, 2011

SPATs and Current State of My LW FSJ

Well, with a tournament coming up in a month and a half its time to start sorting out lists.  I am looking at taking my Fallschirmjäger and I need to get it up to LW speed.  Recently added 3 FSJ Marder IIs, 2 more Marder III Ms to get them up to 4, 3 Nebs w/ Cmd, Observer and 2 Panzershreks.  Since my MW FSJs are pioneers I need to still paint up regular jägers and some mortars and maybe some HMGs.


Tank Hunters

Cheap Nebs with home made rubble bases.

HQ Panzershreks with Battlefront rubble bases (iz NIIICE)!

Tank Hunters

Current FSJ list (w/ pioneers acting as jagers) Minus 4 Pak 40s/3 Pak 38s.


  1. Hey! This list is looking great! Camo on the Marder IIs turned out really well.

    Also, I think I like your home-made rubble bases (on the NeBs) better than the FoW plastics! The irregular wooden planks under the launchers is a great touch. More work than the pre-sculpted ones, but worth the effort IMHO.

  2. Really nice looking minis there! Looking forward to killing them. ;)


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