11 September, 2011

German Half Tracks

I really had to wrestle with getting down to painting today. Knowing that it was one of the last warm days of summer, I wanted to spend my Sunday outside but I was already 2 days behind on my fairly unforgiving painting schedule.

So instead I set up the table out on the front balcony and went to work. I managed to finish off

the rest of my half tracks belonging to the Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers that I painted up earlier in the week.

I'm not completely happy with how they turned out. The varnishing process ended up highlighting the drybrushing more than I wanted it to and in a perfect world I'd like the camo effect to look more like what Ca$h did in his post, but that would have required an airbrush which I don't have at
the moment. So all told it worked out fine and they'll look decent enough on the table.

I opted for a darker look, painting them the German Armour Dunkleghelb from the FoW paint line and then giving them a decent wash with Gryphonne Sepia from the GW range to highlight the panel lines and bring in some relief on the detail. I then went over some of those lines again with a felt tip pen, I used Germain Feildgray from Vallejo and some Flat Brown for the other camo colour. I enjoyed the red hue to the Vallejo Flat Brown so opted for that instead
of any other kind of brown. I went over the tracks and wheels with black and then highlighted the tracks with Boltgun Metal from GW and then muddied them with a basic brown (Khaki I think). I did the detail work and then drubrushed the entire model with English Uniform to bring up some more detail.

Next week I get to do it all over again as I'll be painting another platoon of Gepanzerte
Panzergrenadiers and the accompanying half tracks.


  1. Well, you may not have been outside doing what you really wanted to be doing but you got some great painting done. Keep up the good work and keep an eye on that schedule!

  2. Looking great mate- keep at er!


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