22 September, 2011

AAR 41-42-43 Quickshots

(above) Brent looking on as the vaunted Red Army Tankovy's start to go up in smoke...
..thanks to Tristan (Ca$H) Tigers, as he rocks the black gamer shirt look!

So last week, another 3 games got played, and I took some videos and some pics. Video at the end. I have bought a tripod, to hopefully address the "Shakey Cam" syndrome several have mentioned to me. We'll see how the vids turn out, assuming I remember to pack the tripod that is!

Enjoy pics & Vid.

(above) Brett's AMAZING scratch built PaK Nest for his FSJ's.. they are magentized to fit PaK38's or '40s...

(above) if you click this pic, right above the factory roof ladder, you can see an awesomely-placed 10.5 cm observer team (in front of thumb)

(above) Adam aka Clockwerk's PanzerIVs and Pumas have the Stables area secure..

.. while upstairs, Lothlann and Twin-Linked duke it out. Twin-Linked scored a 'gently-used' US army for a really good price (I would have got it at double the price easily) and it even included some SP 155's.. Don't know how they faired though, vs Loth's JagdPanthers!

And finally, a closeup of Brett's FSJ Pioneer teams, with Dragon Teeth on the bases. Sweet looking army man, I'm glad I got best painted at Skirmish while you weren't there!

Lastly, the collection of Vids. I editted them to be 1 game after another, rather than the random mess order they were taken in, so continuity it may seem to suffer a bit. Enjoy

Here is the video of 3 games. Usually we have war movies on in the background at Brett' but tonite was FastFive for some reason. For some weirder reason I watched it :(


  1. Such solid terrain! That pak nest looks great as well!

  2. nice pics and terrain.
    When you guys post an AAR, could you put the army list you have been using? It's always very interesting

  3. @Braxen Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can get the AARs organized into something akin to WWPD has done. I've just been a tad busy, bit this has been on my to do list for awhile, stay tuned!

  4. I even tried doing so, but it seems only Ca$h can make a "new page" while we can edit a current one. We need a AAR page for sure.

  5. AAR page in place - have at her boys!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. 1500pts

    The FSJ list is from Cassino.

    HQ with 2 Pnzrknkr, 2 Shrecks, 2 Mortars
    Full Platoon w/ Knkr
    Full Platoon w/ Knkr
    4 Marder III Ms
    2 LG40s (Kampgrupped to 2 Platoons for 8 platoons)
    2 Pak40s
    2 Pak40 Nests
    1 Pak38 Nest
    1 Panzer II Turret
    2 HMG Nests


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