05 September, 2011

WIP: Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie

Well October 16th is fast approaching which means that most of us are furiously painting what minis we need to before the tournament.

Because I opted to make an entirely new Late War German army rather than update my Mid-War British, I've got a lot of painting to do! So

I've mapped out a daily painting schedule which

will have my entire army list and objectives painted with a few days to spare before the tournament.

I've got a lot of vehicles because I went with the motor company in the Fortress Europe book for the Germans, so everything gets halftracks. In my list I have 11 halftracks
between the command platoon and the two Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers platoons that I took as my compulsory choices.

I also opted to take a full group of 5 Panzer IV H, from my buddy Dennis on the understanding I'll replace them and I've rounded out the list with 3 Brummbars and 3 Puma scout cars to harry flanks and artillery lines.

More after the break.

Today I decided it was prudent to get in on the infantry. Infantry takes
the most time for me to paint, so getting them out of the way first would go a long way towards ensuring that my army is painted in time.

After doing a lot of research into German uniforms I decided to go with a generic colour scheme that way I can play early, mid or late war. So far 3 stands down. Using almost exclusively vallejo paints and sealing them with a can of Testor's Semi-Gloss Lacquer (1959) because I like a slight candy coat to my minis without losing too much detail on the inking and shading.

Here is how they turned out. Pretty good, I thought!


  1. Looking great! And pretty soon Friday Night Fights will have more Brummbärs than you can shake an 88 at.

  2. My revised list doesn't have Brummbars anymore - trying something new this Friday! Something no one has fielded yet!

  3. @Ca$H --

    Hmm... my guess is an Elephant?

  4. hmmmm....Wespe, Hummel, Flammpanzer, Grille, Bergepanther!... ? :)

  5. LOL. Thanks guys! Got two more done tonight!

  6. it'll be a panzerjager tiger (p), thats the only thing i can think of that he has that noone else has fielded.


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