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Matt Varnish's Models painted in 2015 (lame I know) and MORE to do in 2016!!

T-10M, last of the "Heavy Tanks", pulled from Soviet reserves in the early 1990s (aka IS-8)

For the first time ever, I have kept track of models painted over an entire year, 2015. I started off strong with painting TWO ARMIES in late February...though to be fair, half the 15mm Napoleonic French and the tanks for my moderns list were done. Still, not bad.

Then in early march I finished off my Early War Italians, so another 30 or so models, mix of guns, inf and tanks.  My report of it can be found here!

April I did nothing but play ELITE Dangerous May and June I started painting my Historicon British stuff, and then the group got caught up in X Wing.   I did repaint all my X Wing, so count that as 12 models roughly :)

July, the gang got caught up in yet another game, Kings of War, and I busted out all my old WHFB dwarves. and then stopped.. it would be my 3rd dwarf army to paint. I worked on some British stuff though:


I had a death in the family which meant I could not go to Historicon and meant I spent most of late July through early August out of town. THEN I bought ANOTHER army! Replace Dwarves for Kings of War with 28mm Napoleonics: I guess I am crazy

Early September was nutty, I finished off my junkyard British MW army for CDN Nationals 12 tanks to a high standard.. Do Bishops and Deacons count as tanks?  The Bish's sure ASSAULTED folk like tanks :)

October I painted Napoleonic 28mm.  Also in November.  Also in December:   With the Excellent Black Powder rulest by Warlord games, this has given me the impetus to paint.. the extra few hundred Napoleonic models I bought.  Whats super sad?  I bought in to Team Yankee also, I just started re-basing tonight (January) so it doesn't count for 2015.

All told I have painted around 150 models this year.   Upcoming year:  I aim to paint my Team Yankee stuff:  10 of the plastic T-72 Urals, 4 Hind D gunships, 6 SP Artillery pieces, 4 AT-5 BRDM scout cars (counts-as the Recon BMP) and the loose odds and sods infantry bases, since BF decided to change the make-up from UAR and NVA to the Motor Rifle set-up in Team Yankee:

 AT-3 Sagger teams as RPGs, 2 HMG stands in background plus BTR-80s

The gigantic T-10 in the header pic I will use my 6 IS-3 models as, and the ten T-55 tanks I have already painted will be used as reserve T-62's (almost identical looking, and the Poles and Czechs would have had them in the 1980s, and Soviet Reserves, ofc)
I also have 7 infantry battalions to paint, and 4 units of Cavalry for my Black Powder army.  Each battalion is 24 models, and the cav is 12.

So yeah 2016 will be busy!

Already I have finished off my first Brigade of 3 inf. line battalions, Cmd, Cannon, and 3 Casualty markers!

Brigade Cmdr and Gun.  Yes its a priest and harlot with the Cmdr.

"The Wheel"  Next up is my Motor Rifles.  I will roll dice for the next project as they finish.  As you can see I have my three categories, and as I knock items off my list, I remove "slices"


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